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Rod Keller discovers that Scientology is launching yet another front group, and this one is really infuriating…

Scientology is launching a new front group to join their fight against the treatment of mental health issues — Heroes for Human Rights. The call has gone [...]


When individuals and companies think about cybersecurity, they often feel that it is something that happens to others and not

6 Reasons to Boost Cybersecurity in 2019 on Latest Hacking News.

New and tested training courses cover every angle

Promo  As data thieves and hackers become more numerous, more inventive and more destructive, learning to protect themselves against cybercrime is ever higher on the list of companies' priorities.…

Rights warrior ticked off after yet another report of whereabouts being flogged to dodgy geezers

US Senator Ron Wyden is renewing his calls for legislation banning the sale of people's private cellphone location information after yet another report of phone carriers doing exactly that.…

Owners claim security vulns have damaged resale price

A class-action lawsuit claiming Fiat-Chrysler knew about, but failed to fix, significant cybersecurity holes in its cars will go to trial in America later this year.…

Hyper-V, DHCP, Word, and more. Plus, bonus shock: Adobe spares Flash in January patch dump

Patch Tuesday  Microsoft has released the first Patch Tuesday bundle of the year, patching up 49 CVE-listed security vulnerabilities and issuing two advisories.…

11 patches ship on Patch Tuesday

While you were sighing your way through Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, enterprise vendor SAP slid 11 security advisories under your door.…

Breathe easier knowing you've tested your software properly

A Google cryptoboffin is close to releasing a tool that will hopefully make all of us more secure online.…

How did these get through the net?

Malware made it past Google's detection systems and infected some 9 million Android users, analyst Trend Micro has found. Google has removed 85 apps from the Google Play Store as a result.…

Feds flipped techie and recorded hundreds of calls

In an extraordinary twist, it was revealed on Tuesday that the man most likely responsible for bringing drug kingpin "El Chapo" Joaquin Guzman to justice was none other than his sysadmin.…

Patches pending for distros to deal with threat of local privilege escalation to root

Security biz Qualys has revealed three vulnerabilities in a component of systemd, a system and service manager used in most major Linux distributions.…

Happy New Year from the Gin Palace

Juniper Networks has had its first big bug day in months, with 19 patches announced covering everything from third-party package catchups to critical errors in password handling.…


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Chris Shelton has a remarkable story about an escape from the Sea Org for us today, and disturbing new evidence that Scientology has not given up its policy of forcing women to have abortions, even nearly a decade after that policy was exposed by the Tampa Bay Times…

There I was, minding my own business [...]

'Almost unprecedented' attacks use the old man-in-the-middle diddle – infoseccers

Infosec biz FireEye has suggested Iran may be responsible for what it claims are DNS hijacking attacks aimed at snooping on the contents of Middle Eastern governments' email inboxes.…

Forum admin blames recycled credentials for 'security concern'

Some Redditors have been locked out of their accounts over a mysterious security problem that the internet forum's admins have blamed on people reusing old passwords.…

Snack company client disagrees, sues for $100m

US snack food giant Mondelez is suing its insurance company for $100m after its claim for cleaning up a massive NotPetya ransomware infection was rejected – for being "an act of war" and therefore not covered under its policy.…

Plus, Safari security foiled by… a finger swipe?

Roundup  This week we wrangled with alleged Russian election meddling, hundreds of millions of username-password combos spilled online, Oracle mega-patches, and cliams of RICO swap-gangs.…

Hackers may be rubbing their hands with glee

The IT impact of the ongoing partial US federal government shutdown has begun to show up in the form of degraded computer security. According to internet services biz Netcraft, more than 80 TLS certificates used on .gov websites have expired and have not been renewed.…

Database intrusion should not have succeeded, probe finds, but...

The theft of 1.5 million patient records, including those of Singapore's Prime Minister, from the city state's SingHealth hospital group by hackers could probably have been stopped had the IT department not been so useless, an inquiry has found.…

Healthcare networks pummeled amid drama over teen girl's custody

Five months after he was found guilty of orchestrating a distributed denial-of-service attack against US healthcare providers, the self-styled Anonymous hacker Martin Gottesfeld has been sentenced to 121 months in prison.…


Twitter Warns That Private Tweets Were Public For Years

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Former Polish security agency exec also under arrest

Polish authorities have reportedly arrested Huawei's sales director and an ex-security agency staffer on allegations of spying.…

Did he really blow the whistle on security fears? tribunal asked

A former vice president of medical app Your.MD has claimed "false information could be fed into the diagnostic system" as a result of security failings in the software's backend.…

Killer jailed for life after fitness kit data tips off plod

Avid runner and hitman Mark Fellows was this week found guilty of murder after being grassed up by his Garmin watch.…

Fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again*, OK

US cellphone networks have promised – again – that they will stop selling records of their subscribers' whereabouts to anyone willing to cough up cash.…

Could someone slide a note on identity-theft protection under the door? Helloooo?

With the partial US government shutdown showing no signs of letting up any time soon, senators are pressing treasury and tax officials on cybersecurity.…

Plus, Vita boot ROM caper, TCL caught slinging Android malware, etc

Roundup  This week we saw a Huawei official cuffed (again), telcos caught selling tracking data (again) and Microsoft patching dozens of bugs (again).…

Bloke binned at Blackfriars for blasting botnet to bork broadband

A Surrey man has been jailed for 32 months after admitting to launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against an African telco.…

Looks like a functionality fail rather than a data breach, though

Nervous Nissan UK drivers were today assured by the car maker that Connect EV app log-in failures are related to a migration of data onto a new platform rather than anything more nefarious.…

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