Facebook Told To Speed Up Changes Or Face Sanctions

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Thousands Of WordPress Sites Backdoored With Malicious Code

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Romanian CCTV Ransomware Culprit Admits Guilt

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  One of our tipsters forwarded this message to us that showed up on Facebook. It appears to claim that Scientology’s Sea Organization now requires new members to be at least 16 years old and to have a high school diploma.

  We’ve talked to former Scientologists who signed their billion-year Sea [...]

A security researcher has publicly disclosed an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in all supported versions of Microsoft Windows operating system (including server editions) after the company failed to patch a responsibly disclosed bug within the 120-days deadline.

Discovered by Lucas Leong of the Trend Micro Security Research team, the zero-day vulnerability resides in Microsoft Jet Database


Scottish Brewery Recovers From Ransomware Attack

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The infamous cyber gang Magecart seems unstoppable. The gang has been around for quite a few years. However, this year,

MageCart Hacked Customers’ In NewEgg Credit Card Data Breach on Latest Hacking News.


Adobe has addressed several vulnerabilities in Acrobat DC and Acrobat Reader DC by also including one of the several vulnerabilities

Adobe Addresses a Number of Critical Remote Execution Vulnerabilities on Latest Hacking News.

A high-severity vulnerability has been discovered in 4G-based wireless 4GEE Mini modem sold by mobile operator EE that could allow an attacker to run a malicious program on a targeted computer with the highest level of privileges in the system.

The vulnerability—discovered by 20-year-old Osanda Malith, a Sri Lankan security researcher at ZeroDayLab—can be exploited by a low privileged user


Microsoft Jet zero-day and WD My Cloud vulnerabilities disclosed, US authorizes offensive cyber operations and more on today's Latest Hacking News Podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #126 on Latest Hacking News.


We’ve been hearing about the malicious attacks by Magecart attacks targeting multiple firms. After British Airways and Feedify, Magecart’s next

Magecart’s Next Attack Resulted In ABS-CBN Data Breach on Latest Hacking News.


Equifax Fined By ICO Over Data Breach That Hit Britons

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  This photo shows the day my mom disconnected from me.

My parents literally had a shotgun wedding. My mom was pregnant with my brother, my dad refused to marry her. My grandmother forced them to marry, literally, with a shotgun. Yeah, that’s Texas for you.

My mom became a Scientologist at the [...]


Curl is the most popular, open source command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs. It is also used

Interview with Daniel Stenberg: His thoughts on the Curl Bug Bounty Program on Latest Hacking News.

Atlanta-based consumer credit reporting agency Equifax has been issued a £500,000 fine by the UK's privacy watchdog for its last year's massive data breach that exposed personal and financial data of hundreds of millions of its customers.

Yes, £500,000—that's the maximum fine allowed by the UK's Data Protection Act 1998, though the penalty is apparently a small figure for a $16 billion


Data breaches are not unusual in this day and age. In fact, the frequency of such incidents makes them look

State Department Email Breach Exposed Personal Data Of Employees on Latest Hacking News.


US Judge Allows E-Voting Despite Hack Fears

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MageCart hits Newegg, Mirai botnet operators cooperate with FBI and UK ICO fines Equifax £500,000 on episode 125 of the Latest Hacking News Podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #125 on Latest Hacking News.


Hackers Peddle Thousands Of Air Miles On The Dark Web For Pocket Money

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Last Week, Attorney General Hector Balderas has filed a lawsuit against the company TinyLab who gave been exploiting kids through

Many Android Apps Are Targeting Children in Their Advertising Campaigns on Latest Hacking News.


Mirai Botnet Creators Praised For Helping FBI, Won't Serve Prison Time

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The notorious hacking group behind the Ticketmaster and British Airways data breaches has now victimized popular computer hardware and consumer electronics retailer Newegg.

Magecart hacking group managed to infiltrate the Newegg website and steal the credit card details of all customers who entered their payment card information between August 14 and September 18, 2018, according to a joint


Hackers Steal Credit Cards From Newegg, Researchers Say

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It has only been a week since we heard of the massive Veeam data leakage from misconfigured MongoDB server incident. The

11M Records of E-Marketing Data Exposed Online From Unsecured MongoDB Instance on Latest Hacking News.

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