Fake Google Android Driving Apps Claim Half A Million Victims

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DirtyCOW Is Back In Backdoor Attack Targeting Drupal Web Servers

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Linux Kernel Spectre V2 Defense Caused Massive Slowdown

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[Tom Cummins in Stuttgart with an admirer]

Rod Keller told us about some shenanigans aimed at his old website. We asked him to write it up, because we think you’re going to want to hear about the attack he fended off so skillfully…

In October 2014 I started a WordPress blog called SecCheck. I posted [...]

This is why you should always think twice before opening innocent looking email attachments, especially word and pdf files.

Cybersecurity researchers at Cisco Talos have once again discovered multiple critical security vulnerabilities in the Atlantis Word Processor that allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code and take over affected computers.

An alternative to Microsoft Word,


Blackout For Thousands Of Dark Web Pages

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It seems as though not a day goes by without a new story breaking about a high-level cyber attack on a major corporation or national government.

Hackers are becoming increasingly adept at breaking through a variety of super-secure firewalls, and they're not just after the riches of Fortune 500 companies.

Hackers are equally (if not more) interested in hacking into your personal computer and

Two hackers have been sent to prison for their roles in hacking TalkTalk, one of the biggest UK-based telecommunications company, in 2015 and stealing personal information, banking, and credit card details belonging to more than 156,000 customers.

Matthew Hanley, 23, and Connor Allsopp, 21, both from Tamworth in Staffordshire, were sentenced Monday to 12 months and 8 months in prison,


Singapore and Canada have recently combined forces to defend themselves from cyber criminals, and to boost their cyber security. The

Singapore Enters Into Cyber Security Agreements With US & Canada on Latest Hacking News.


Interview with security researcher at Pen Test Partners, Ken Munro, on the firm's recent discovery of dangerous vulnerabilities in MiSafes GPS enabled child tracking smartwatches.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #167 – Interview with Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners on Latest Hacking News.


Instagram Flaw Exposes User Passwords

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Vision Direct Admits To Breach With CVVs Compromised

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Two Friends Jailed For TalkTalk Hack Attack

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Bitcoin Falls Below $5,000

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[Scientology celeb Kerri Kasem is on the scene]

Jeffrey Augustine reminds us what the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are really all about now that they have more publicity opportunities in California…

With the incredibly destructive, lethal, and unprecedented wildfires in California, Scientology’s ambulance chasing Volunteer Ministers have been out in front of the cameras getting their [...]


Yesterday we received an email from a member of Shad0wSec claiming to have hacked a payment gateway known as ShegerPay. We

Sheger Payment Gateway Hacked By Shad0wSec on Latest Hacking News.

Instagram has recently patched a security issue in its website that might have accidentally exposed some of its users' passwords in plain text.

The company recently started notifying affected users of a security bug that resides in a newly offered feature called "Download Your Data" that allows users to download a copy of their data shared on the social media platform, including photos,


Twitter says third-party app used in Bitcoin scams, Instagram flaw leaked plain text passwords and over 6,500 Dark Web sites deleted in hosting provider hack on episode 166 of our daily podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #166 on Latest Hacking News.


[L to R: Shannon, Nicole, and Vicki]

Although A&E announced that its series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath begins its third season on November 27, it actually begins tonight at 8 pm Eastern with a “special episode” the network apparently doesn’t count as the series itself.

Yes, once again A&E’s confusing way of counting [...]


Emoji Attack Can Kill Skype For Business Chat

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Blackberry In $1.4 Billion Deal To Buy Cylance

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