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WARNING!!! – A wrong’un has been spotted creeping around near Huddersfield!

Let’s see how police handle reports of this raised by concerned members of the public on social media:

Repeal Section 127 of the Communications Act

Project DisDroid represents an open initiative to collate and create an annotated library of open-source intelligence reports from multiple sources and covering a wide array of topics.

DisDroid report on stories that should be reported by the mainstream but are being deliberately stifled.

We hope to feature a directory of open-source intelligence providers, and also to allow people and organisations to create their own sites as part of the network. We will not remove sites or content other than at the request of the creator or copyright holder, or by a legal court order. However we do reserve the right to remove content without warning, however, in every case a backup will be made available to the uploader.

Please feel free to create a site here for yourself or for your organisation.

We will not censor your content based on political, social, religious or other “non-professional” reasons.

More features will be added very soon.

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