A few days ago, a researcher discovered a serious security flaw in Yoast plugin. This Yoast SEO 9.1 Vulnerability could

Yoast SEO 9.1 Vulnerability Could Allow Command Execution on Latest Hacking News.


  Rod Keller has the scoop on David Miscavige’s first real expansion in three decades…

Scientology leader David Miscavige will ring in the new year under African skies having accomplished something for the first time since he assumed power 31 years ago. The long awaited Advanced Org & Saint Hill for Africa will open [...]


On Thursday, the Australian Parliament unanimously passed the most controversial Bill of the year, The Access and Assistance Bill, 2018,

Australia Now Has an Encryption Bill, Labor Party Drops Suggestions on Latest Hacking News.


The macro_pack is a tool for automating obfuscation in an MS document or VBS script format It’s perfect for security

Macro_Pack – Open Source tool for obfuscating MS documents and VBS scripts on Latest Hacking News.


[Westbrook appeared on Reza Aslan’s ill-fated CNN series]

Your proprietor spent a lot of time in academia and has a huge respect for the scholar who wants to advance knowledge in a particular area by doing the scholarly thing — investigating, listening, measuring, while trying to be as objective as possible.

That, however, does not [...]


Marriott To Reimburse Some Guests For Passports After Breach

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Someone Defaced Linux.org With Goatse

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OpSec Mistake Brings Down Network Of Dark Web Money Counterfeiter

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[Miscavige at the IAS event in October]

On Monday, we had a lot of fun bringing you the latest list of Scientology donors who were celebrated at the October IAS event in East Grinstead, England. But the richies and their big donations are not the only reason for celebration at the annual shindig held under [...]


Botnet of 20,000 Wordpress sites attacking other Wordpress sites, Australia passes encryption law, and UNNAMED1989 ransomware dev arrested on episode 179 of our daily podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #179 on Latest Hacking News.

Australia's House of Representatives has finally passed the "Telecommunications Assistance and Access Bill 2018," also known as the Anti-Encryption Bill, on Thursday that would now allow law enforcement to force Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, and other tech giants to help them access encrypted communications.

The Australian government argues the new legislation is important for national


Facebook Defends Mark Zuckerberg's Exposed Emails

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ESET Discovers 21 New Linux Malware Variants

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Humble Bundle Breach Could Be First Step In Wider Attack

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The Internet Reacts To Australia's Anti-Encryption Bill

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  While we’re dealing with the roller coaster ride of Leah Remini’s third season, the fun things tipsters send us keep rolling in.

So, as we wait for another devastating episode, we’re going to distract you with something odd that came across the hopper recently.

Our correspondent was perusing the wares of a thrift [...]

Hold tight, this may blow your mind…

A low-privileged user account on most Linux operating systems with UID value anything greater than 2147483647 can execute any systemctl command unauthorizedly—thanks to a newly discovered vulnerability.

The reported vulnerability actually resides in PolicyKit (also known as polkit)—an application-level toolkit for Unix-like operating systems that defines


Nearly 250 Pages Of Devasting Internal Facebook Documents Posted Online By UK Parliament

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APT using malicious Chrome Extension, Google Maps notification spam, and Adobe Flash actively exploited zero-day receives emergency patch on episode 178 of our daily podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #178 on Latest Hacking News.


Trump's Cybersecurity Advisor Rudy Giuliani Thinks His Twitter Was Hacked Because Someone Took Advantage Of His Typo

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Following a ban in the US and Australia, Huawei is presently blacklisted by the New Zealand Government over certain network

Huawei Blacklisted In New Zealand on Latest Hacking News.

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player that hackers are actively exploiting in the wild as part of a targeted campaign appears to be attacking a Russian state health care institution.

The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-15982, is a use-after-free flaw resides in Flash Player that, if exploited successfully, allows an attacker to execute


Botnet Of 20,000 WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites

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The Czech Republic has reportedly accused Russia of unauthorized access to the mailboxes of some of its top-level officials. According

Czech Republic Points Finger At Russia For Hacking Government Officials on Latest Hacking News.


Adobe Flash Zero-Day Leverages Active-X In Office Doc

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Canadian 1-800-FLOWERS Operation Discloses Four Year Breach

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