Seedcoin is encouraging investments in a wider variety of bitcoin startups with its second funding round.
The long prophesied end of net neutrality appears to finally be upon us. The Federal Communications Commission announced a “shift” in policy that would allow Internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to dictate which companies (and customers) get to access what content and at what speed. If a company like Google or Netflix wants […]
Precious star Gabourey Sidibe has said she was excited to play a lesbian in an upcoming film, because she 'thought it would be fun'.
Sixteen of the world’s largest banks have been caught colluding to rig global interest rates.  Why are we doing business with a corrupt global banking cartel? Ellen Brown  RINF Alternative News United States Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that the too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks are too big to prosecute.  But an outraged California jury might ...
The new JSA Claimant Commitment has been partly blamed for a shocking rise in the number of jobseeker's having their benefits sanctions.Visit our website to read the full story.
Experts recently told CNBC that the dollar, not bitcoin, is the future of digital currency.
This story proves that sometimes, it’s best not to ask strangers over the internet for advice – as expectant dad Stephen McLaughlin learned. In January, Stephen created a website called, which requested that Internet strangers help him come up with a name for his daughter. Recently, Stephen and his wife Alysha announced that their daughter - Amelia […]
UFC mixed martial arts fighter Jon Jones has fired an employee he claims was responsible for anti-gay slurs sent using his official Instagram account.
‘What is causing all of these plagues to hit our food supply? Have you heard of citrus greening disease? Probably not, but it has already gotten so bad that it is being projected that Florida’s […]
Welsh Housing Association offered a FREE Cadbury's Creme Egg as a way of thanking tenants for paying the controversial 'Bedroom Tax'.Visit our website to read the full story.
GoCoin CEO Steve Beauregard makes the business case for altcoins in a new interview with CoinDesk.
Life can be difficult, but learning to roll with the punches and embrace the hard times will take you further than you think! These 15 people didn’t let bad situations ruin their day. Instead, they made it better by having a sense of humor and learning to laugh at themselves. Check them out! 1. That’ll […]
X Factor boyband Union J will headline this year’s Pride Cymru, it has been announced.
Robert Parry: The Obama administration and Kiev government claimed that Russian soldiers were present at the building occupations, yet it turns out that this was assertion based on photos the US government provided to The New York Times and that the newspaper has had to retract. Anton Woronczuk, The Real News Network 
Xapo claims its card is the first to allow bitcoin users similar spending freedoms to traditional debit cards.