Local businesses in Cleveland, Ohio, are teaming up to create a new bitcoin destination called Bitcoin Boulevard US.
A couple of weeks ago,  a video was uploaded on YouTube by online hacktivist group Anonymous. In the video anonymous gives an depth analysis of who got what from missing Malaysian Airline flight MH 370. The 8:08 minutes video talks about how a British International Banker Jacob Rothschild profited from the crash. It says, With the disappearance of those on Malaysian [...]
In the sixteen years that Surjit Singh Virk has been a bus driver, he thought he’d seen it all. But on Saturday, he witnessed something he had never experienced before on his No. 341 route. On the bus, a man was sitting alone with two plastic hairnets covering his feet in the place of shoes. Another passenger […]
A student at the University of Central Florida has started a campaign after he says he was made to leave a fraternity because he is openly gay.
Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: Poor, Persecuted Dinesh D'Souza. Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Glenn Beck Calls Romney ‘Man of Honor’ for Fessing Up About Gift Beck Sent Him. Jeremy Hooper: Robert Oscar Lopez says I perform 'psychological operations routine' on him when I quote his own words from his own web site. Thomas Bishop @ Media Matters: Hannity Continues Move Toward The Fringe As Guest Accuses Liberals Of Contributing To A "Modern Day Holocaust." Joe Jervis: Porno Pete Appears On Show Of Harlem's "Jesus Would Stone Homos" Pastor.
‘At least nine people were killed and at least 35 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday police announced that a man had been arrested on charges of […]
Political dispute between PLO and Hamas declared “over” after seven years, but skepticism remains over its true impact on Israeli occupation Jon Queally RINF Alternative News The Palestine Liberation Organization and the leadership of Hamas in the Gaza Strip announced an end to their seven-year political dispute on Wednesday, saying that the two main factions ...
Blockchain CEO Nic Cary discusses a wide range of topics from Mt. Gox to his company's March service outage.
“Not a Bully” is photographer Douglas Sonders’ attempt to change the perception of rescue dogs who have a reputation of being bullies. These dogs have been unfairly labeled “bully breeds,” a term covers 14 popular breeds of dogs such as boxers, rottweilers and pit bulls. Shelters are overcrowded with these beloved animals due to the stereotype that […]
A photographic exhibition which was originally due to be shown in Rome, but which was cancelled after a legal threat from the Vatican has found a new life in NYC.
‘An eight year old child with special needs will face a day in court to answer to two felony charges after police were called by school officials when the boy ran away. The parents of […]
Gift card provider eGifter has launched a new incentive program for its digital currency users.
Stone Cold Steve Austin may be known for taking opponents down in the wrestling ring, but it’s his profanity-laced takedown of homophobes that is really making headlines. On his podcast a few months ago, Austin took a moment to state make it absolutely just how passionately he supported gay marriage. He began by saying that […]
The government has reiterated its warning against schools introducing Section 28-style policies targeting the "promotion" of homosexuality by saying they should not promote any type of sexual orientation in the classroom.
A group of investors is seeking control of the bankrupt Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange before its assets are liquidated.