Google has quietly rolled out a feature earlier this week that is adding a string of metadata to all the

DRM May Be Added to All Android Apps on Latest Hacking News.


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Latest Hacking News Podcast #62 on Latest Hacking News.


The Central Banking Authority of India RBI has demanded all banks to update their ATMs running Windows XP to a

Indian Banks Forced to Migrate ATM Machines from Windows XP on Latest Hacking News.


Cyber attacks on the health care sector have continued into this week too. The latest attack resulted in the compromise

Med Associates Suffer Data Breach: 270,000 Records Left Exposed on Latest Hacking News.


An independent study revealed that more than 75% of the senior employees think that younger employees are the responsible for

Many Senior Employees Believe Younger Employees Are Responsible for Security Vulnerabilities on Latest Hacking News.


Supreme Court Says Cops Need To Get A Warrant To Get Your Phone Location Data

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It has been reported that Elliott Broidy, who is currently known for his state bribery conviction and also his role

Trump Administration Insider Tried To Sell Surveillance Tools To Oppressive Governments on Latest Hacking News.


Security researchers from AlienVault have discovered a new malware named “GZipDe” which currently seems to be active within a new

Newly Discovered “GZipDe” Malware Installs Metasploit Backdoor on Latest Hacking News.


  During the main event at HowdyCon in Chicago, we revealed there’s a new book coming soon which we’re pretty excited about.

The last time we were in Chicago, in 2015, we were there to promote our 2015 book, The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, our history of Paulette Cooper and how the Church of Scientology, [...]


We are not sure whether Facebook actively tries to stay in the news through ‘mistakes’, or whether it is truly

Facebook Leaked App Analytics Reports ‘Mistakenly’ To App Testers on Latest Hacking News.


Do you think you are safe if you have an iPhone locked with a passcode?. A researcher has discovered a

New Method to Crack iPhone Passcode Discovered By Researcher on Latest Hacking News.


Patches for 34 vulnerabilities have been released that include 5 critical, 20 high and 9 medium vulnerabilities. The 5 critical

Cisco Release Patches for Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities on Latest Hacking News.


  We have another entry in our ongoing series of book excerpts about Scientology, this time some startling material about the church’s obsession with celebrities which appears in Amy Scobee’s book Scientology — Abuse at the Top. Amy was one of several high-ranking executives who came out of Scientology in the 2000s and changed [...]


SamSam ransomware is not new to researchers. It has already caused severe damages to numerous entities worldwide. Recently, researchers have

New SamSam Ransomware Variant Utilizes New Infection Tactics on Latest Hacking News.


Fake Fortnite Android Apps Spread Across The Internet

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The recent data breach confirms no one in the corporate sector is safe from hacking attempts and data breaches. According

Flightradar24 Hacked – User Password Hashes and Emails Compromised on Latest Hacking News.


Your Baby Monitor Can Be Hacked Into A Spy Cam

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Martin Tripp, who worked at Tesla, has been accused of performing hacks on the company’s servers, stealing information and selling

Elon Musk Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Employee Over Hacking Charges on Latest Hacking News.


California Lawmakers Cave To Lobbyists And Gut Net Neutrality Bill

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We all know Microsoft has recently launched a massive ‘bug fix bundle’ where it released patches for around 50 vulnerabilities

Microsoft Edge Vulnerability Could Allow for Email and Facebook Data Scraping on Latest Hacking News.


Drupal Vuln Being Used To Deploy Cryptojacking Malware

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While the Zacinlo malware has already threatened Windows users, here comes one more threat. Researchers have discovered another Windows malware

Mylobot Malware A Highly Sophisticated Botnet on Latest Hacking News.


Researchers have discovered unprotected firebase databases which has put thousands of iOS and Android apps at risk exposing over an

Mobile Apps Exposing Unprotected Firebase Databases on Latest Hacking News.


  Last October, we sent Michele Fiore’s office a request for information, and we never received a reply. What we wanted to know was, what was the infamous Nevada politician doing on Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds?

Since then, we’ve noticed that Ms. Fiore, in interviews, is awfully quick to bring up one [...]


Security has been a major concern for every industry operating in the online world, but none more so than online

Cyber Security And Online Casinos on Latest Hacking News.


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Latest Hacking News Podcast #61 on Latest Hacking News.

Google just announced its plan to introduce a new anti-spoofing feature for its Android operating system that makes its biometric authentication mechanisms more secure than ever.

Biometric authentications, like the fingerprint, IRIS, or face recognition technologies, smoothen the process of unlocking devices and applications by making it notably faster and secure.

Although biometric systems


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Latest Hacking News Podcast #60 on Latest Hacking News.


A report from a post in Reddit advised that a GPU Miner is being installed along with a popular Android

GPU Miner Being Installed By Andy OS Android Emulator on Latest Hacking News.


IoT devices have always been on the verge of cyber attacks owing to their reliance on the internet. While people

Multiple Vulnerabilities In Axis Cameras Allow Hackers To Take Control on Latest Hacking News.


[Dax Shepard and Erika Christensen]

Your proprietor was on a family vacation a couple of weeks ago when a splash of Scientology celebrity news lit up the intertubes. Erika Christensen, second-generation Scientologist and accomplished actress, had uttered some interesting things about the church in a podcast with her actor friend, Dax Shepard.

Except for [...]

Mobile security researchers have discovered unprotected Firebase databases of thousands of iOS and Android mobile applications that are exposing over 100 million data records, including plain text passwords, user IDs, location, and in some cases, financial records such as banking and cryptocurrency transactions.

Google’s Firebase service is one of the most popular back-end development