Turkey's COVID-19 Situation Is "Out Of Control", Health Experts Warn

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Turkey's COVID-19 Situation Is "Out Of Control", Health Experts Warn

Via AhvalNews.com,

Health experts have warned that Turkey’s coronavirus situation is out of control and that deaths from the disease could soon be on a par with Italy or Spain, reported the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network on Tuesday.

“The recent data on cases and death tolls shows that the s

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ituation is out of control in Turkey. If the necessary measures are not taken, Turkey will be like Italy or Spain, where the daily death toll is in the hundreds,” Emrah Altındiş, a Turkish professor from Harvard University’s Medical Faculty, told BIRN.

Turkey only reported its first coronavirus patient on March 11, but cases and deaths have rapidly risen since then. The Turkish health minister confirmed on Tuesday seven more deaths due to the coronavirus and announced 343 new cases, raising the total number of cases in the country to 1,872.

Turkey has halted incoming flights from dozens of countries and closed a wide range of non-essential businesses and venues, and announced a curfew on elderly and vulnerable citizens over the weekend, though it has refrained from enforcing a full lockdown.

However, some medical experts have said that the measures are insufficient.

Altındiş said that South Korea was successful in restraining the pandemic because it was testing 20,000 a day, and that China reduced transmission by shutting down the infected city of Wuhan – but he said that there had not been widespread testing or strict lockdowns of major cities in Turkey. 

“Either the government is hiding the real numbers [of cases], or silly things are happening in Turkey,” he said.

“The Turkish government is making propaganda to show that the process is being managed well. They know this situation will have very severe political and economic consequences.”

The Health Ministry has tested more than 24,000 people, but this number may quickly rise after the arrival of 50,000 quick diagnostic kits from China on Monday. A further 300,000 are expected to arrive on Thursday, the ministry said.

The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) urged the government on March 23 to be more transparent regarding the pandemic.

“The cities and towns where cases were confirmed should be announced publicly as well as death and infected people’s gender and age range,” TBB said.

One doctor who works in a university hospital told BIRN under condition of anonymity: “What I observe in my hospital and the general situation is that the real numbers are at least two to three times higher than the numbers that the government announced. The COVID-19 pandemic is now out of control.”

The same doctor said the Turkish Health Ministry seemed to be implementing a wait-and-see policy, but this meant it was late in implementing necessary steps.

“It seems that this week is the most critical since the incubation period for the new coronavirus is around 14 days,” he said. “Many people will flock to hospitals and we will be speaking of thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths on a daily basis. Turkey will be a second Italy or worse,” he told BIRN.

The government has introduced a a 100 billion lira ($15.4 billion) aid package to help Turkey's economy cope with the global coronavirus outbreak, but some economists and opposition politicians have criticised it as being insufficient.

“The government has asked people to stay at home but these people have to work and feed their families,” the doctor told BIRN.

“The government’s economic package has had no effect on ordinary people. If it does not support these people financially, we cannot talk about stopping this pandemic.”

Tyler Durden

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 02:00

Situation On Riker's Island "Unimaginably Bad" As COVID-19 Tears Through Prison

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Situation On Riker's Island "Unimaginably Bad" As COVID-19 Tears Through Prison

This weekend we reported that Harvey Weinstein had tested positive for coronavirus just days after being transported out of Riker's Island prison in New York, where 38 people had been infected with COVID-19 and another 58 inmates were under observation.

On Monday, Brooklyn public defender Scott Hechinger reported that conditions at the notorious pr

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ison are "unimaginably bad" thanks to the extremely tight quarters, lack of sanitation, and unavailability of protective medical gear.

See the rest below, or click above tweet to scroll through thread:

  • People trapped on Rikers right now are sleeping close enough to reach out and touch the next person.

  • People trapped on Rikers right now are being served food on dirty food trays.

  • There is one toilet for every 29 people trapped on Rikers Island right now.

  • People jailed on Rikers right now who are asking to be tested are not getting tested.

  • While eating, people on Rikers are forced to sit four to a table. No possibility of social distancing while sleeping or eating.

  • Those serving the food on Rikers are not wearing masks (and, therefore, possibly contaminating the food). The food also is coming in from other buildings increasing the likelihood of contamination.

  • After one of the people in their dorm tested positive for Coronavirus and was taken out, Rikers staff did not clean the general areas.

  • People are being housed with others with flu-like symptoms and there is no recourse. When people ask to be transferred to correctional health services, they are being told that there aren't enough escorts.

  • Just spent the last hour talking to another colleague about Rikers conditions. "It is like a fucking slave ship. It makes me want to fucking cry. They can't even wash their hands. It is insane that this day & age we treat human beings this way. This is shameful."

  • We heard from our social worker colleagues today that videoconferences w/ the people we represent on Rikers have now been suspended indefinitely. Were not allowed on the island. The only way we had to communicate & access information on the inside is now gone. I'm really worried.

  • Right now, there are 5,294 people jailed on Rikers. Mayor de Blasio today announced he agreed to release 75 people. He's looking at a list (we have no idea who is on this list) of a couple hundred.

  • Imagine the feeling you have these days when you go to the grocery store. I'm wearing gloves & a mask. Even then, I'm keeping my distance. Social distancing in jail is impossible. Sanitation is non-existent. No gloves. No mask. Just hundreds of people coughing on each other.

  • 5,294 humans are locked up on Rikers already at extreme risk of contracting this deadly illness. With no precautions whatsoever. Nearly guaranteed to be exposed. And spreading that deadly illness to guards & other staff, who cycle in & out daily. Our leaders are doing NOTHING.

  • While we are taking steps to prevent COVID-19 infection in our community to stay inside, social distance, and be vigilant with sanitization, these efforts will be worthless if we don’t act rapidly to prevent infection in Rikers.

  • To stem the spread of this deadly virus, we must drastically reduce the number of people in jail and limit new admissions to exceptional circumstances. And we must do so now. This is a matter of life and death.

  • Significantly fewer people in jail (not 75, not hundreds, but thousands) will: Limit spread of COVID-19 infection among people in custody & those who work there. Minimize people in custody who will need medical care. Decrease density of housing areas for people who remain.

  • Governor Cuomo could do the same as New Jersey right now. On Rikers: 500+ are serving short jail sentences for low level offenses. He could grant clemency to all. 666 are jailed for technical parole violations. He could order parole to release them. Thats 1000+ like that.

  • Note how I'm not bringing up those jailed pretrial, presumed innocent, charged w/ misdemeanors & non-violent felonies. Why? Bail reform just enacted in January 2020 has kept 1000s charged w/ these low level offenses home w/ their families, jobs & homes, & free from Coronavirus.

  • But what about those jailed pretrial on "violent" felonies? Not one of them would be eligible for death if ever convicted. And no one. I repeat: NO ONE, deserves to be infected by a deadly virus by virtue of the deliberate indifference of those w/ the power to do something.

  • I'm exhausted.

  • I have to wrap this up.

  • If we all have, and most critically right now, our leaders, have the courage to do what is necessary and what is right, at some point, hopefully soon, this pandemic will be behind us. But we cannot then just go back to business as usual.

  • The spread of Coronavirus has exposed the inhumanity, waste, and danger of a criminal legal system that has completely ignored humanity and public.

Tyler Durden

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 17:05
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ECB Member Hints Central Bank Will Buy Stocks When Situation Gets "Really Bad"

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ECB Member Hints Central Bank Will Buy Stocks When Situation Gets "Really Bad"

Following last month's IMF summit where central bankers from around the world conceded the negative rates no longer stimulate the global economy, the ECB's new head, convicted criminal Christine Lagarde has found herself in a quandary: besides demanding a fiscal stimulus boost from Germany, one which is unlikely to come for at least another 6 months now that Berlin narrowly avoided a t

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echnical recession, what else can she demand to stimulate Europe's moribund growth at a time when Europe's key offshore growth dynamo, China, is not only set to grow at the slowest pace on record but is furiously exporting deflation?

The answer came on Saturday courtesy of ECB policy maker Madis Muller, the governor of the Bank of Estonia, who essentially hinted that the ECB could very well buy stocks during the next recession, saying that the central bank could broadened its asset-purchase program, if the economic situation in the euro area deteriorates significantly.

“Right now, we are doing unconventional things,” he told students at a Bundesbank event in Frankfurt on Saturday. "You could - of course - imagine even more unconventional things if the situation gets really bad", which it will of course with slow motion trainwreck Christine Lagarde at its helm whose crowning achievement was approving the IMF's biggest loan on record to Argentina just a few months before the Latin American nation made it clear it is headed for another default. While Muller declined to cite which specific assets the ECB would buy next, the answer is clear - as Larry Fink said point blank in July, the ECB will buy stocks next to somehow stimulate the European economy, when in reality all it will do is stimulate the bank accounts of those Europeans lucky enough to own stocks.

Ironically, Muller opposed September’s decision to resume ECB net asset purchases. Even so, he cited the Japanese and Swiss central banks as examples of policy makers pursuing wider stimulus efforts than in the euro zone - of course, both central banks openly purchase both stocks and ETFs; in fact, as we reported just a few days ago, the SNB now owns a record $93.2 billion in US stocks after a Q3 buying spree.

Muller spoke as the ECB continues to struggle to revive inflation through stimulus measures, while also running the risk of hitting self-imposed limits on how many bonds it can buy from each of the euro zone’s 19 member governments. As we reported one month ago, the ECB now has roughly 10 months left of German bond purchases before it hits a brick wall and is forced to change its self-imposed sovereign debt financing debt purchasing rules.

There "are ways to go beyond the government bonds, and a little bit of corporates and other assets that we are buying now," Muller said. And while he didn’t recommend it, it was clear that someone higher up in the food chain wood.

Mueller is not the first to suggest the ECB can and will expand its universe of eligible assets. Aside from several Reuters trial balloons, back in May 2016, in a moment of what appeared to be either drunken insanity or brutal honesty, Lithuania's central banker and ECB member Vitas Vasiliauskas said that "we still have a lot of tools and we can make surprises for the market. I don’t see for the moment any need for a new rabbit because we should implement what was agreed, what was announced.”

Vasiliauskas' punchline: “Markets say the ECB is done, their box is empty. But we are magic people. Each time we take something and give to the markets - a rabbit out of the hat."

Stay off the drugs, Vitas.

Meanwhile, just to prove him right, the ECB is once again buying €20 billion euros of bonds per month after amassing €2.6 trillion during previous rounds of purchases that ended last year, yet was restarted after just 10 months. Coupled with the Fed's own $60 billion/month in T-Bill purchases, the Fed and ECB will buy a near record $420 billion in assets next 6 months according to Bank of America.

And still it won't be enough, forcing the world's biggest hedge fund also known as the ECB, to start openly buying stocks.

Once it starts, it is unclear when - and if - it will ever stop: the European central bank has pledged to continue quantitative easing until inflation is firmly within its target of just under 2%, something that its own forecasts don’t foresee until at least 2021. Furthermore, as European investors and corporations are incentivized to buy stocks instead of investing in growth and spending money on capex, asset prices will promptly surge even as broader economy inflation slides to zero and eventually turns into outright deflation.

Separately, Muller, who is the youngest member of the ECB's Governing Council at 42, said the central bank needs to think about how low it wants to push government bond yields and what "benefits" that would bring. Of course, one can just ask any European bank about those benefits. Or not: as we reported yesterday, as of this moment, Disney alone has a market cap greater than the capitalization of Europe's top 5 biggest banks.

Muller also noted the usual disclaimers the precede any episode of full-blown equity purchases by an entity that literally prints money out of thin air, stating that policy makers also have to be “aware of different side effects and think twice before you do something,” particularly given how many unconventional steps the ECB has already taken.

We are confident that just like years and years of BIS warnings, the young central banker's attempt to instill some caution among his peers will be for nothing.

Having very low interest rates “makes sense” in the current economic situation, said Muller, who was in favor of the decision to reduce the deposit rate to minus 0.5% in September. Still, going much further may not help as Bundesbank head Weidmann stated on Friday, when he said that rates are close to the lower bound, i.e., that the ECB's reversal rate - or the rate below any further rate cuts become a headwind to the economy - is fast approaching.

"There is a question of how low you can go,” he said. “At some point you could be facing a question of how effective it is."

For rates that is; because somehow when it comes to buying bonds, both sovereign and corporate, and soon stocks, apparently nobody has ever faced a question of how effective that is and to the smart people in the room shown below, only wonderful things come out of central banks directly becoming the only marginal buyer in the world's most important capital markets.

Tyler Durden

Mon, 11/18/2019 - 04:15


Business Finance


Code Brown: California Poo Situation Upgraded To 'Hot Diarrhea' Attacks; Urinating In Public OK

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Code Brown: California Poo Situation Upgraded To 'Hot Diarrhea' Attacks; Urinating In Public OK

While San Francisco pays six-figure poop patrollers to keep up with the city's fecal fiasco, Los Angeles may have to start handing out plastic ponchos.

Poo attack victim Heidi Van Tassel

According to NBC Los Angeles' 'Streets of Shame' series, a homeless man randomly pulled a woman out of her car and hit her with a hot d

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iarrhea attack.

A night near the Hollywood Walk of Fame would change a woman's life, as she was getting into her car and a homeless man sprinted across Hollywood Boulevard toward her.

Heidi Van Tassel was parked in Hollywood after having a pleasant evening out with friends at an authentic Thai restaurant. Suddenly a man randomly pulled her out of the car, dragged her out to the middle of the street, and dumped a bucket of feces on her head, Van Tassel said and public records confirm.

"It was diarrhea. Hot liquid. I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes," she told NBC. "Paramedics who came to treat me said there was so much of it on me, that it looked like the man was saving it up for a month."

"It was all inside my car because it was so much. He just kept pouring it and splattering it all over me."

While Heidi is now getting tested for diseases every three months and has PTSD, her attacker was arrested, charged with battery, and found mentally incompetent to stand trial. He is now back on the street.

Meanwhile to the North, San Francisco's incoming district attorney Chesa Boudin said upon his Saturday night election victory: "We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted."

"Many of these crimes are still being prosecuted, we have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness," he added, according to the Daily Caller.

About Boudin - per the Caller:

Boudin’s parents were members of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group.

Boudin “was raised in Chicago by Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn” after his parents were sent to prison on murder charges while he was a toddler, NBC News noted.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders cheered Boudin’s victory in the election. “Now is the moment to fundamentally transform our racist and broken criminal justice system by ending mass incarceration, the failed war on drugs and the criminalization of poverty,” the Vermont Sen. wrote on Twitter Saturday, congratulating Boudin on his “historic victory!”

The aristocrats! 

Tyler Durden

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 22:05


Law Crime

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