Pirates Hijack Full Supertanker Off Nigeria, Kidnap 19 Crew Members

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Pirates Hijack Full Supertanker Off Nigeria, Kidnap 19 Crew Members

A gang of pirates have kidnapped 19 sailors after waylaying then boarding a supertanker loaded with oil, according to various media reports.

Hong Kong-flagged crude supertanker the Nave Constellation, owned by Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation, was attacked during the evening hours of Dec. 3 while the ship was traveling through Nigerian waters. T

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he attack occurred roughly 60-70 nautical miles south (reports vary) of Nigeria's Bonny Island Offshore Terminal, where the ship was stocked with cargo.

Seven crewmembers were left aboard the ship by the pirates.

According to sources, 18 of the kidnapped were Indian nationals, along with one Turk.

Security firm Dryad Global believes the attack is part of a growing trend, with six incidents and four kidnappings in the area of Tuesday night's incident.

The string of attacks suggests a well-armed and resourceful pirate action group, most likely operating from one or more "mothership"-type vessels, with other smaller, nimbler crafts at their disposal.

A representative for the tanker's owner said the top concern was for the kidnapped crew, according to the New Indian Express.

"Navios as Owners and Anglo-Eastern as Technical and Crew Managers' prime concern is the safety and early return of the 19 persons taken by the pirate gang. All the appropriate authorities, including the Flag State, have been alerted and are responding and all the necessary action is being taken to secure their wellbeing and early release."

As we noted recently, One Earth Future's annual State of Maritime Piracy report highlights incidents of hijacking, kidnapping, robberies and boarding attempts on the high seas. In recent years, they've recorded a steady drop in the number of incidents in East Africa and around Somalia in particular, which was a hotspot for pirate attacks for years.

You will find more infographics at Statista

This pullback has allowed West Africa to take over as the Continent's biggest piracy hotspot. Oil piracy is also big in the Gulf of Mexico, where the number of incidents is also on the rise.

Tyler Durden

Wed, 12/04/2019 - 13:02

Large Cargo Ship Capsizes Off Georgia Coast; Crew Members Still Missing

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Large Cargo Ship Capsizes Off Georgia Coast; Crew Members Still Missing

Four crew members of a large international transport vessel went missing Sunday off Georgia after the boat began listing violently and caught fire. The vessel, identified in reports as the 656-foot Golden Ray, had 24 crew members aboard, 20 of which were rescued in a high risk US Coast Guard operation

The Golden Ray on its side in St. Simons Sound on Sunday, vi
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a the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. 

CNN has reported that four South Korean crew members are still being looked for after rescue efforts were temporarily disrupted when a fire broke out on the ship.

Dramatic coast guard images showed that the boat had capsized early Sunday, tipping on its side in the Port of Brunswick near St. Simons Island.

Given the Golden Ray was reportedly a car carrier, this could have contributed to its destabilizing and severe listing before the accident, though a specific cause has yet to be identified. 

According to CNN, citing Coast Guard commander, Capt. John Reed: 

Officials are working to stabilize the leaning vessel, he said. Once that's done, rescue efforts will continue.

"The other outcome could be that it may be deemed more appropriate to go ahead and right the vessel and de-smoke and de-water before we are able to actually get in there and locate the four individuals," Reed told CNN's Fredricka Whitfield in an interview Sunday.

The tanker tracker site MarineTraffic.com indicated the ship was sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands and had been bound for Baltimore.

The Coast Guard published dramatic rescue footage involving stranded crew members being lifted off the large cargo ship via helicopter, as well as some dropping into rescue boats. 

Tyler Durden

Mon, 09/09/2019 - 08:07


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