If there's something strange in Symantec's neighborhood, who you gonna call? Not Broadcom, it seems: Systems go down, cut off customers

logicfish Security theres something strange symantecs neighborhood gonna call broadcom seems systems down customers All https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
And now back on their feet after global two-hour wobble

Symantec customers, or rather Broadcom customers these days, were taken offline for a while on Wednesday when the security service's data centers around the planet went down.…


Accenture pays for CSS injection from Symantec parent Broadcom: Yep, it bought its cybersecurity arm

logicfish Security accenture pays injection from symantec parent broadcom bought cybersecurity All https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Price tag undisclosed but we're guessing it won't have made seller rich

Symantec’s parent Broadcom has offloaded its Cyber Security Services (CSS) operation to Accenture for an undisclosed sum.…


Pwn an iPhone to bank $1m, Check Point gripes about WhatsApp privacy again, Broadcom eats Symantec enterprise biz

logicfish Security iphone bank check point gripes about whatsapp privacy again broadcom eats symantec enterprise All http://go.theregister.com   Discuss    Share
Apple expands bug bounties, and more from Vegas this week

Black Hat  Here's a quick summary of some important infosec happenings from inside and outside the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas on Thursday.…


Symantec share price nose dives after rumored Broadcom biz gobble taken off the menu

logicfish Security symantec share price nose dives after rumored broadcom gobble taken menu All http://go.theregister.com   Discuss    Share
Looks like the ailing security shop priced itself out of an acquisition by chip giant

Symantec's share price has plunged on reports that its planned merger with Broadcom has fallen through.…

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