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Is PC Hopson 1393 Huddersfield a wrongun?

Could PC Hopson 1393 Huddersfield have something wrong with him? An age-related fetish of some kind?

This would certainly explain his strange behaviour when it comes to sex offenders.

I have PC Hopson on actual video proclaiming the rights of child abusers, as though they are somehow above the law!

And, I have him on video defending sex offenders, when I had showed him evidence of a pedophile that I had posted about who later got ten years in jail, and a pedophile who was a millionaire businessman who also got jail thanks to our forensics team.

So let’s see if we can join the dots from Hopson’s associates to any known sex offender.

And we don’t have to look very far. PC Hopson 1393 Huddersfield is a close friend with the Doodson family – shown here being prosecuted for “upskirt” photographs of school girls


Alex Doodson – Rochdale | UK Database – Sex offenders register (uk-database.net)

Alex Doodson – Rochdale | UK Database – Sex offenders register (archive.is)

There are reports of this in every major newspaper.

Bodybuilder used his child to take upskirt pictures of women | Metro News

Bodybuilding businessman used his daughter as cover while secretly snapping sick ‘upskirt’ photos of girls as young as 15 in shops (thesun.co.uk)

And a whole lot more.

Who knows what horrors where in those caches. We can presume that the police found only a small portion of the actual pictures taken by Doodson over the years.

Here is a video of Neal Hopson, actually PC Hopson 1393 Huddersfield’s dad, being caught red-handed by ELITE Team facebook arranging to meet a 14 year-old child on 08.05.21.


Unfortunately, since I am currently involved in victim support and also a witness in an ongoing case that has recently come up, I won’t have time for a few weeks to produce a full report on Hopson, however, I will be publishing more about him when I have time. This will include the recording I have where dry-mouthed PC Hopson goes right on a limb defending the rights of pedophiles, like some kind of pro-MAP crusader. Absolutely sickening and vile.

Please keep tuned to find out about the new case, when it has been to court and is in the papers.

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