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[Hectorgate] Roy Stobbs, The Hollow, Meltham and his hidden caches of child abuse material

This is an account of the events of 2011 that changed my life.

It all began one sunny morning. I had got up and had breakfast, and by early afternoon I was making the house tidy.

Suddenly, there came a loud knock at the door. It sounded very urgent, so I went to answer it. My close friend Andrew was on the doorstep, shaking in shock. I let him in.

Andrew (Spiney) had rescued a German Shepard from a gang of snuff movie creators. Unbeknown to us, the gang had vowed to recapture the poor animal.

Shaun Taylor Barker, Barnstable and Oldham
Shaun Taylor Barker, Barnstable and Oldham

Meanwhile, Spiney had noticed strange behaviour at “The Hollow” near Meltham, owned by businessman Roy Stobbs. Roy was a highly regarded character, a pillar of the community, who kept himself to himself. Later it was found that he was a paedophile.

The Hollow was left mainly empty, but had wooden walls – which had become decayed over the years. Andrew was having a poke around inside what appeared to be an abandoned house – however, he noticed signs of activity. He also observed vehicles coming and going at odd hours. Vehicles belonging to Roy Stobbs.

He went back one night, under cover, and had a look. He managed to locate a hidden alcove, which seemed to contain computer apparatus. Spiney also found that Stobbs had a criminal record for indecent exposure, outside Colne Valley high school.

Sure that he would not be caught, or face pursuit, Spiney went back into the house, and recovered the disks for forensic examination, with the intention passing these on to the police. He believed that nobody would dare pursue him, because of the illegal content. However, Stobbs imagined that his encryption was failsafe – and he used “true-crypt”, with four separate keys – presumably, unhackable.

But Stobbs had put up surveillance cameras in his house – and Spiney had neglected to cover his face during the incident. He found himself being pursued with an arrest warrant for burglary. I agreed to give him a hide-out at my house, whilst he decrypted the drives.

We agreed to hide for three weeks. He had only just come out of hiding after the gang whom he stole the German Shepard from, to rescue the animal from sexual mistreatment. The dogs previous owner was Shaun Taylor Barker.

We didn’t find out until the last week of the investigation, that the software named “true-crypt” had an 0-day vulnerability allowing direct access without any keys! Spiney tried to pull my leg, that he could write keys out from memory into notepad, just by gazing at raw data. When he went out, I logged into his system, and found that, using his version of true-crypt, I could mount any volume, whatever I used as a key – even a blank file would do it.

So I went onto the hacking sites, and a cracked version was freely available for download. So we had access to the material. And there was a lot there – but it was arranged in such a way as to foil the police. Apparently, there exists a “minimum amount” of images of children that is permitted. And Roy had gone out of his way to maintain this limit. I had wanted the investigation to extend another fortnight, and I would have been able to show that what we had uncovered was part of a larger distribution network – there were more pieces to find. However, the court date had been set.

Our evidence was not used in the end, however, we did help the police to gain access to much larger caches, which was supposedly being stored in a database. We were completely fooled that our efforts would pay off, on the large scale. However, Theresa May came along and wiped away this database.

Stobbs was charged and found guilty, more than once.

The gangs were using special codes, and these would lead to vast online galleries with arrays of images that were chromatically similar. Pixel keys were used to identify particular images which formed the illegal content. However, because all the images were similarly tinted, it was impossible to know which were illegal by scanning the directory thumbnails – the eyes blur over. And it was extremely difficult at first to isolate the chroma keys. And, the gang were on our backs all this time. The corrupt officer who had abused the dog set his hounds on me.

Here we are in a hideaway, that got raided. Luckily, Andrew and Hector had been tipped off and made their escape, leaving me to deal with the corrupt officers.

Those two officers forced entry to my home, tried to plant “drugs” on me, and falsely arrested me. But, when they got to the desk, their “evidence” turned out to be a bag of fluff that they’d pulled out of their own pockets! The interviewing officer actually laughed, and let me go straight away.

Later, Shaun came back – when I was in Lockwood. Here we see him misbehaving. And there are two separate cameras used here – the evidence coincides. Firstly, there was a camera in my window, on the stone window sill. Note – this would never vibrate unless someone entered the property and came up the stairs. It’s physically impossible for vibrations from the front door to pass through the stone wall – it’s held in place.

This is the footage from outside. Note that there are more officers conducting the arrest than the number of officers returning to the vehicle!

I had locked the door, with the cat OUTSIDE. When I returned, the cat was INDSIDE! Also, there was footage of the officers coming down my path, whilst I was in the cells! They had stolen my front door key from my property bag! I had already been released without charge, however, the police had put me back in the cells whilst they dealt with “paperwork” – they just shuffled me into a cell! Anyway, they kept me locked up for hours AFTER my official release. And that’s when they went into my house, using the stolen front door key.

This is the arrest from inside the property. Shaun forces entry without a valid search warrant.

So firstly, we note that there are a different number of officers standing on my doorstep than there are leaving. And, we can see that Shaun is filming me!

Shaun is wearing my actual jacket that he stole.

And, in later footage, where Shaun gets caught on a “live sting”, he has my actual rucksack!

So that’s the end of this episode of Hectorgate – The Alsatian Detective – Coming Atcha…..

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