[HG] The Saga of Spiney and Hector – Intro #gangsta32ers #hectorgate

[HG] The Saga of Spiney and Hector – Intro #gangsta32ers #hectorgate

Heyre beginens ye tale of Spiney and good Hectore of Kirkstall Wood, From henceforth to be knowne as Hectorgayte

“Though you are not here” – one of his many ciphers – we are asked to look into his video footage forensically. That’s what gangsta32ers is supposed to mean, I believe.

This one is about Hector the canine super-sleuth

Spiney was continually attacked physically by members of the gang, working from within the police force:

This is where he took Hector after he “stole” him from the ring. The dog could not be approached – he would attack any person. He had to be fed via a hole in the floor. Eventually, Spiney trained him to come to his bedside for food. After that, he persuaded the animal to come for walks on the lead.

They lived, literally, from butchers scraps out of the bin, and ground-bait (mouldy bread) that was floating in the river and the canal.

As well as rescue the German Shepard, Spiney was also able to assist with the conviction of paedophile Roy Stobbs, which he did by recovering evidence from one of Stobbs’ properties in the local area. Spiney had the CID after him for burglary, whilst he deciphered the encryption used to conceal the illegal material. In the end, he was able to make use of an 0day in the “true-crypt” software that allowed the keys to be bypassed – the software turned out to be worse than useless!

Stobbs was later found guilty for possession of illegal images of children.

There’s a whole lot more to Spiney too – but you had to know him.

Let’s try to decipher some of his codes!

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