[DisDroid-OIQ] Crippled man sectioned for “bullying” a sex offender Judo Champion, and his gang of child rapists

[DisDroid-OIQ] Crippled man sectioned for “bullying” a sex offender Judo Champion, and his gang of child rapists

Mark Fisher, Huddersfield – Falsely accused of harassment and bullying – of a large gang of paedophiles!!!

Mark Fisher Huddersfield wrongfully detained for 3 years
Mark Fisher Huddersfield wrongfully detained for 3 years for taking action against a gang of paedophiles who were also trafficking in animals for the purpose of sex abuse

Back in 2015, after helping to rescue a German Shepard dog from a gang of child and animal abusers, including a millionaire gang boss, a judo champion, and several Syrian warlords and their junkie slaves, I posted a list of the names of some of the abusers and their cohorts. I was immediately thrown in jail to prevent me from using the internet.

Here’s part of the line-up:

I was denied access to police and a solicitor, and then taken to a mental hospital where I was detained, against the wishes of every nurse and right-thinking staff in the hospital, who all proclaimed that there was nothing wrong with me. However, the doctors had been instructed by the gang not to allow me anywhere near any kind of electronic device – they were terrified that I would expose more of their wrong doings.

Ostensibly, I had been bullying the gang by creating hurtful posts on social media that had upset the rapists and caused them distress. Had the police acted on my information, this gang would have been brought to justice years ago.

This was one of the up-coming gang members – Neil Gilpin, a judo coach who later moved into a barge in order to evade detection. He is now on the sex offenders register and guilty of brutal child sex rape.

Neil Gilpin, Meltham and Slaithwaite

We also collected evidence against Roy Stobbs, who set his gangsters on us more than once.

After being in hiding from the gang who needed to remove the evidence that the dog possessed (multiple traceable infectious STD viruses), here we see two corrupt officers who gain access to our hideaway and break in, with no warrant. The dog has been taken to safety, but they do manage to destroy some of the evidence that we had risked our lives to collect:

And here is footage another of the gang members – Shaun Taylor Barker. On the first sting, you can hear my first video playing in the background!

In the second sting, he has my rucksack, and is wearing a cheap nylon jacket, which he stole from me and had re-shaped on an alterations store – which would have cost much more than a new jacket!

Shaun in also wearing another jacket that he’d stolen from me in this next video, and also appears to be filming me from behind when they lead me to the police car.

These videos show the arrest, both from a security camera, and from my mobile. We can see several anomalies.

Firstly, they have an offensive weapon that had been previously concealed there by a group of Asians. The officer PC Jaffar “Taliban” Hussain wields this threateningly at me during the arrest. We also see Shaun looking in and around the bin for the weapon. Three officers come to the door, but only two lead me away to the car. At the station, the interviewing officer laughs as the ridiculous evidence that they have tried to bring against me. They tell me that I am free to go – however, another officer then tells me that they need to fill in some “paperwork” and I am led back to the cells for more than three hours, whilst they steal my front door key from my property bag and attempt to have a look around my house – they want to get the dog back at all costs.

Here he is on the sting, and you can hear the above video being played over a loudspeaker, as though he had setup the decoys to record the voice and might imagine that I had something to do with him. He kept stealing my clothes and wearing them!

This is the next sting, where you can see my rucksack and my coat – and lord knows what else.

WARNING: This video is disgusting

PC “Taliban” Hussain, a thick-set heavy built man of considerable strength, is so scared of being bullied that he is forced to surround himself with child and animal abusers, whilst he complains on twitter and in the press about how upset he is about being part of the Taliban:


So we have footage of him operating alongside members of Fred West’s paedophile ring!

Quite a few of his friends and colleagues have been prosecuted for the wide-scale “grooming” (abduction and rape) of school-girls in many parts of the UK and abroad.



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