[DisDroid-OIQ] #Hectorgate – Does the deadly cipher end here?

Could this be the last of the keys that Spiney bequeathed us via his rhythm-box?

This live sting here appears to match up with an individual that I had on my list of “unexplained”.

First, look at this gangsta32ers video here – “sad Hector”, and a strange jerking figure with peculiar hands and the words “high priest” whispered in a demonic voice… Taken from between 2006 and 2011:

Look at the hands and face of this deviant character – I’m putting 15/1 that he’s the same bloke.

Here’s the sting mashup.

Look closely at his hands, and his jerky, forced mannerisms.

The live sting, by COBRA – Children Online Battling Real Abuse


Is that the last? Could there be more?

I’m going to make a mashup of everything we’ve got so far.

Stay tuned for Hectorgate part two.

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