[DisDroid-OIQ] #Hectogate ciphers decoded from Spiney’s eponymous epitaph.

[DisDroid-OIQ] #Hectogate ciphers decoded from Spiney’s eponymous epitaph.

Andrew Kelly AKA Spiney left a deliberate trail of clues in his videos as to the identites of his “gangsta32ers” or gang-stalkers, who were on his trail simply because he had “stolen” a dog from their ring who had the animal earmarked for trafficking and abuse.

And many personages displayed in his “gangsta32ers” series have later shown up in “live sting” operations by child protection teams – and they admit to enjoying animal sex too, for the most part.

Not all his videos with that label were connected with the stalking – he just made sure that certain clips would be noticed after his death. He left specific instructions to me personally to investigate his footage for “subliminal clues”. So far, I’ve noticed several things about his videos. The gang-stalkers are always shown with demonic special effects around them. He also uses the canine super-sleuth approach – is Hector happy, or sad, in the video? What do the graphics actually say? Why are their clips of demonic churches, or of remote alleys – such places where child and animal abuse may be likely to occur – super-imposed with clips of individuals whom he had met, ostensibly, to film documentaries and music videos – but, whom he had also met in another secret part of his life – his life as a covert decoy in children’s chat-rooms. But he didn’t “sting” his offenders – he knew that it would only be a matter of time before they showed up independently – possibly, after his death.

So, it’s only natural that we find covert footage of people who’ve now been stung, and the videos that were taken under false pretences show these people as having dark clouds around them – although he did use those effects around himself, and his friends too, however, he always showed full-face interviews with the people who had been straight forward with him. And the dog would be always shown in his “happy” position.

Here are a few of the matched up clips:

The original

This man showed up in the arrest register…

The original gangsta32ers:

The gang try to re-capture Hector in a car, but the driver is distracted by a crowd of underage female sheep…

There are two stings for Andrew Wadsworth:

Andrew Wadsworth getting stung a second time (youtube link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJlnTZn7wFg

And there are quite a few more matches in Spiney’s channels – check them out for yourself.

Stay tuned for more matches from the mashup..

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