You can't have it both ways: Anti-coronavirus masks may thwart our creepy face-recog cameras, London cops admit

logicfish Security cant have both ways anticoronavirus masks thwart creepy facerecog cameras london cops admit https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Metropolitan Police's China-style surveillance runs up against reality

Counter-coronavirus masks may thwart London police plans to deploy creepy facial-recognition cameras across the capital, senior managers have admitted.…


FYI: Your browser can pick up ultrasonic signals you can't hear, and that sounds like a privacy nightmare to some

logicfish Security your browser pick ultrasonic signals cant hear that sounds like privacy nightmare some https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
High-frequency audio could be used to stealthily track netizens

Technical folks looking to improve web privacy haven't been able to decide whether sound beyond the range of human hearing poses enough of a privacy risk to merit restriction.…


UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal

logicfish Security finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing that probably wont work well asks your location illegal https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Herd immunity all over again

Comment  Britain is sleepwalking into another coronavirus disaster by failing to listen to global consensus and expert analysis with the release of the NHS COVID-19 contact-tracking app.…


Papa don't breach: Contracts, personal info on Madonna, Lady Gaga, Elton John, others swiped in celeb law firm 'hack'

logicfish Security papa dont breach contracts personal info madonna lady gaga elton john others swiped celeb firm hack https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Miscreants threaten to leak 756GB of allegedly stolen paperwork

Hackers are threatening to release 756GB of A-list celebs' contracts, recording deals, and other personal info allegedly stolen from a New York law firm.…


GitHub blasts code-scanning tool into all open-source projects

logicfish Security github blasts code-scanning tool into open-source projects https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Rub-a-dub-dub, give your buggy code a scrub

GitHub has made its automated code-scanning tools available to all open-source projects free of charge.…


Transport biz Toll Group suffers second ransomware infection in just three months

logicfish Security transport toll group suffers second ransomware infection just three months https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Which is just dandy seeing as deliveries are just a wee bit important right now

Transport company Toll Group has been slugged by ransomware for the second time in three months.…


26 million logins believed to be stolen from LiveJournal in 2017 pop up on hacker forum

logicfish Security million logins believed stolen from livejournal 2017 hacker forum https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Best change any recycled credentials from your blogging days

Russian-owned blogging service LiveJournal has reportedly suffered a hack affecting 26 million user accounts.…


Microsoft banishes Trend Micro code at center of driver 'cheatware' storm from Windows 10, rootkit detector product pulled from site

logicfish Security microsoft banishes trend micro code center driver cheatware storm from windows rootkit detector product pulled site https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Infosec's Drivergate scandal deepens

Microsoft has blocked a Trend Micro driver from running on Windows 10 – and Trend has withdrawn downloads of its rootkit detector that uses the driver – after the code appeared to cheat Redmond's QA tests.…


We beg, implore and beseech thee. Stop reusing the same damn password everywhere

logicfish Security implore beseech thee stop reusing same damn password everywhere https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Survey finds 66% of lazy gits don't change between sites

Two-thirds of people recycle the same password or use variations on the same basic one, according to LogMeIn.…


Researcher Spots New Malware Claimed to be 'Tailored for Air‑Gapped Networks'

logicfish Security researcher spots malware claimed tailored airgapped networks http://feedproxy.google.com   Discuss    Share
A cybersecurity researcher at ESET today published an analysis of a new piece of malware, a sample of which they spotted on the Virustotal malware scanning engine and believe the hacker behind it is likely interested in some high-value computers protected behind air‑gapped networks.

Dubbed 'Ramsay,' the malware is still under development with two more variants (v2.a and v2.b) spotted in the

Unmanned drones to slash NHS delivery times to one-fifth of road 'n' rail transport

logicfish Security unmanned drones slash delivery times onefifth road rail transport https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Scottish trial will courier PPE and COVID-19 tests to remote hospital

Remote-control drones are to be used to deliver coronavirus testing kits to a remote Scottish hospital – and they're being flown outside of the operators' direct line of sight.…


An Undisclosed Critical Vulnerability Affect vBulletin Forums — Patch Now

logicfish Security undisclosed critical vulnerability affect vbulletin forums patch http://feedproxy.google.com   Discuss    Share
If you are running an online discussion forum based on vBulletin software, make sure it has been updated to install a newly issued security patch that fixes a critical vulnerability.

Maintainers of the vBulletin project recently announced an important patch update but didn't reveal any information on the underlying security vulnerability, identified as CVE-2020-12720.

Written in PHP

India makes contact-tracing app compulsory in viral hot zones despite most local phones not being smart

logicfish Security india makes contact-tracing compulsory viral zones despite most local phones being smart https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Tech minister says app is 'foolproof'! We imagine Black Hats probably don't agree. And some may have time on their hands at present

India has made use of a COVID-19 contact-tracing app compulsory in some parts of the nation.…


Pre-authentication, remote root hole in call-center software? Thanks, Cisco. Just what a long weekend needs

logicfish Security preauthentication remote root hole callcenter software thanks cisco just what long weekend needs https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
This and more bits and bytes from infosec world

Roundup  It's once again time to catch up on the latest happenings from the world of infosec.…


Remember when Republicans said Dems hacked voting systems to rig Georgia's election? There were no hacks

logicfish Security remember when republicans said dems hacked voting systems georgias election there were hacks https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
'No evidence of damage to network or computers, no evidence of theft, damage, or loss of data'

On November 4th, 2018, now-Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp announced an investigation into his rival Democratic party, accusing the organization of trying to hack the US state's voter registration system.…


UK COVID-19 contact tracing app data may be kept for 'research' after crisis ends, MPs told

logicfish Security covid-19 contact tracing data kept research after crisis ends told https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Want to opt out of that part? No chance, says NHSX chief

Britons will not be able to ask NHS admins to delete their COVID-19 tracking data from government servers, digital arm NHSX's chief exec Matthew Gould admitted to MPs this afternoon.…


Now there's nothing stopping the PATRIOT Act allowing the FBI to access web browser histories without a warrant

logicfish Security theres nothing stopping patriot allowing access browser histories without warrant https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Thanks for nothing, Bernie Sanders

An amendment that would require the FBI get a warrant before they access Americans’ web browsing history failed to pass by a single vote on Wednesday.…


Microsoft blocks Trend Micro code at center of driver 'cheatware' storm from Windows 10, rootkit detector product pulled from site

logicfish Security microsoft blocks trend micro code center driver cheatware storm from windows rootkit detector product pulled site https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Drivergate scandal deepens

Updated  Microsoft has blocked a Trend Micro driver from running on Windows 10 – and Trend has withdrawn downloads of its rootkit detector that uses the driver – after the code appeared to cheat Redmond's QA tests.…


Now we know what the P really stands for in PwC: X-rated ads plastered over derelict corner of accountants' website

logicfish Security know what really stands x-rated plastered over derelict corner accountants website https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Naughty posters on hijacked subdomain show up in search results

A forgotten subdomain on PricewaterhouseCoopers' dot-com has been hijacked to host ads for porno websites and apps, neatly demonstrating why you should not neglect your corporate DNS records.…


Danger zone! Brit research supercomputer ARCHER hit with SSH-nixing cyber attack

logicfish Security danger zone brit research supercomputer archer with sshnixing cyber attack https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Assault on TOP500-listed machine may have hit Euro HPC too, warn sysops

One of Britain's most powerful academic supercomputers has fallen victim to a "security exploitation" of its login nodes, forcing the rewriting of all user passwords and SSH keys.…


Beer rating app reveals homes and identities of spies and military bods, warns Bellingcat

logicfish Security beer rating reveals homes identities spies military bods warns bellingcat https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
We tested it and found a naval officer's partner and kids - they're not kidding

A beer and pub-rating app built off the back of Foursquare’s location-tracking API poses a risk to the security of military and intelligence personnel, according to legendary OSINT website Bellingcat.…


UK's Ministry of Defence: We'll harvest and anonymise private COVID-19 apps' tracing data by handing it to 'behavioural science' arm

logicfish Security ministry defence well harvest anonymise private covid19 apps tracing data handing behavioural science https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Plus, Serco plays email fail game by mass-mailing human contact tracers; NCSC gives feedback on feedback about beta app

COVID-19 app round-up  Worried about identifiable personal data from your coronavirus contact-tracing app making it into a British government database? Fear not! The Ministry of Defence is sanitising it all first.…


Tech's Volkswagen moment? Trend Micro accused of cheating Microsoft driver QA by detecting test suite

logicfish Security techs volkswagen moment trend micro accused cheating microsoft driver detecting test suite https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
AV maker denies allegation, says researcher is 'looking for attention'

Trend Micro is on the defensive after it was accused of engineering its software to cheat Microsoft's QA testing, branding the allegation "misleading."…


Stop tracking me, Google: Austrian citizen files GDPR legal complaint over Android Advertising ID

logicfish Security stop tracking google austrian citizen files gdpr legal complaint over android advertising https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Claims consent was neither informed, nor specific, nor free – but Google says it cannot identify a user from the ID

Privacy pressure group Noyb has filed a legal complaint against Google on behalf of an Austrian citizen, claiming the Android Advertising ID on every Android device is "personal data" as defined by the EU's GDPR and that this data is illegally processed.…


Help us understand the shifting sands of network security: What's working for you – and what's not?

logicfish Security help understand shifting sands network security whats working https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Last chance to have your say and share your experiences

Reader survey  With the IT world turned upside-down for many organisations, it’s a good time to talk network security. Or at least, it ought to be. Because while it’s something we all need more than ever, there’s almost always a gap between demand and budget, or between need and the ability to service that need.…


You, Apple Mac fan. Put down the homemade oat-milk latte, you need to patch a load of security bugs, too

logicfish Security apple down homemade oatmilk latte need patch load security bugs https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Patch Thursday is for you, Patch Tuesday is for everyone else

Apple has emitted a bunch of security fixes for its software on supported versions of macOS that you ought to install as soon as you can.…


California’s privacy warriors are back – and this time they want to take their fight all the way to the ballot box

logicfish Security californias privacy warriors back this time they want take their fight ballot https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Politicos watered down earlier efforts, so data defenders will fight to the end

The small group of policy wonks that forced California’s legislature to rush through privacy legislation two years ago are back – and this time they want a ballot.…


Change This Browser Setting to Stop Xiaomi from Spying On Your Incognito Activities

logicfish Security change this browser setting stop xiaomi from spying your incognito activities http://feedproxy.google.com   Discuss    Share
If you own a Xiaomi smartphone or have installed the Mi browser app on any of your other brand Android device, you should enable a newly introduced privacy setting immediately to prevent the company from spying on your online activities.

The smartphone maker has begun rolling out an update to its Mi Browser/Mi Browser Pro (v12.1.4) and Mint Browser (v3.4.3) after concerns were raised over its

Former Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman calls on UK govt to legally protect data from contact-tracing apps

logicfish Security former labour deputy leader harriet harman calls govt legally protect data from contacttracing apps https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
'We don't want the system to rely on the individual integrity of any minister, ministerial team, or government'

Harriet Harman, chair of the UK's Joint Committee on Human Rights and former Labour Deputy Leader, has redoubled calls on the British government to ensure any COVID-19 contact-tracing app sufficiently protects users' privacy.…


I know what you leased last summer: Asset database leak hits Capita, Rolls-Royce, Tesco (every little helps, eh?)

logicfish Security know what leased last summer asset database leak hits capita rollsroyce tesco every little helps https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Plus: Pop's Lady Gaga popped in hack, and more

Roundup  Let's catch you up on infosec news beyond the bits and bytes we've already reported.…


Fake crypto-wallet extensions appear in Chrome Web Store once again, siphoning off victims' passwords

logicfish Security fake crypto-wallet extensions appear chrome store once again siphoning victims passwords https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
'Seriously sometimes seems Google's moderators are only optimized to respond to social media outrage'

Three weeks after Google removed 49 Chrome extensions from its browser's software store for stealing crypto-wallet credentials, 11 more password-swiping add-ons have been spotted – and some are still available to download.…


More and more organizations are falling to ransomware – will you be next?

logicfish Security more organizations falling ransomware will next https://go.theregister.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Tune in online this month to find out how to protect your business from data extortionists

Webcast  It's been "the year of ransomware" for about the past three years. And while you may be tired of hearing about the trend and just getting used to the reality, you may also like to remember: instances of attacks are climbing – quickly – and we’re now reaching a level where more than half of ransomware schemes result in a business paying out.…

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