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Cressida Dick and her agenda of terror

If any one person were to take the blame for the massive failures in policing over the last few decades, it should be Dick. Although many others contributed to the disaster, such as Gordon Brown (who sent a message to every station that they should ignore the “predominantly asian grooming gangs”), Keir Starmer (DPP at the time of Savile’s arrest, and also a proponent of child grooming) and Theresa May who deleted the entire police database on sex offenders.

Let’s have a look at the scandal around Field Marshall Sir Edwin Bramalls false arrest for illegal images, which were never found (because they never existed), and we will see how Dick’s erratic methods have closed the door on whistle-blowers,

Lord Bramall’s wife died without receiving an apology.


However, the person who reported Lord Bramall turned out to be “a paedophile with an interest in pre-teen boys.”


So until we can get rid of Cressida Dick, we will be forced to rely on independent hunting teams, such as “Fleetwood Enforcers”, “Predator Exposure”, “Souloceptors” and “COST”.

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