The two women jailed for their anti-Putin protest urge leftwing westerners not to believe everything they see on Russia Today

Erthe upon Erthe

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  The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies There were three old gypsies came to our hall door they came brave and boldly-o And one sang high and the other sang low and the other sang a raggle taggle gypsy-o It was upstairs downstairs the lady went put on her suit of leather-o And there was a cry from … Continue reading The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies
Save Robin Hoods grave from developers! Although the monument is an obvious victorian fake, the site of the grave is almost correct. Robin Earl of Huntingdon was buried in the field nearby, and later exhumed and moved to Howarth. Now, the site is under threat of development. Click Here to sign the petition “Save Robin … Continue reading Save Robin Hoods grave from developers!
In the blog post linked below, the author attempts to illustrate the lettering of the first verse of John’s gospel in the Book of Kells. According to the author, the wording is “In Prin…
Come listen awhile and I’ll sing you a song Of three merry gentlemen riding along. They met a fair maid, unto her did say, “We’ll afraid this cold morning will do you some harm.” “Oh no…

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Never go back, they say, you won’t find what you are looking for. But I did go back. We both should have returned for our 40th but we delayed - next year medical treatment would make travel easier. Seven years on and travel is certainly easier now. The time was right, and the place. Of…
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