The Benefits Of A Multi Function Laser Printer And What Functions To Check Out

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A multi function laser printer is an ideal printer for any size workplace be it small home based or perhaps a huge corporation. Save funds and room with an all in one printer that will print, scan, copy and fax. You should select the multi function laser printer wisely when you may need superior faxing abilities and large resolution.

When you are looking at multi function laser printer capabilities you will need to pay close attention to the amount of memory. A smaller memory for instance 8 MB may be acceptable to a smaller workplace but if your requirements consist of big files or may have more than just one user you should buy a multi function laser printer having a minimum of 16MB of memory or more particularly if you often print big documents or graphics.

Regarding resolution, 600 x 600 is acceptable quality for most printing situations. The greater dots per inch the greater quality print. Scanner resolutions for several all in one printers are lower than print resolution. For greatest scanner resolution look to get interpolated resolution of 9600 dpi or better with the scanner function.

Regarding faxing pay attention to the modem speed. Make sure the modem is minimum 33 kbps, which will allow for quick faxing and therefore saves you time (and time is money. Some of the state-of-the-art faxing functions of a better quality multi functionality printer is group dialing and broadcasting. A lot of of the less costly printers don't offer these capabilities.

Some other multi function laser printer functions to look for will be a 50 sheet document feeder which is automatic. You ought to test the printer before you buy it, check every function and pay attention to the speed of every function. Many of the less pricey multi function laser printers are really sluggish, therefore keep that in consideration while researching printers. If you are a heavy user you must seriously look at paying more for a printer with additional memory.

There are many multi function laser printer benefits but one possible drawback to an all in one printer is when the printer breaks you lose all of the other features. Some of these printers may be bulky, so that can be an additional drawback if room is an issue, but in the event you have to purchase each device separately each and every device would take up space, so that could counter the negative with the one possibly bigger printer. Most offices have the need to carry out all of those functions and purchasing all of those machines separately might be extremely expensive, in most cases a multi function laser printer is usually a cost effective solution.

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