Computer Network Cabling And Installation: What Type Of Cable You Should Know

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You want to know how laptop computers can be linked to each other in a computer networking? Networking cable and other networking equipments such as switches, hubs and LAN card are common component that link computers in network. Network installation can be used for different applications beside transferring computer data.

Networking cable can be used to transfer video information or video security cameras or cable TV broadcasting. The networking cable can also be used to send data maintenance building management systems and access management systems. There are a few kinds of wires you can use to make network, they are: UTP, STP, fiber-optic and coaxial.

Typically just one kind of cable is used to build a computer networking. However you can also use a mix of various kinds of cables at once. Although wifi networks is growing so fast, computer network still requires this cable to be able to work.

Type of cable

You need to understand the kind of network cable which can be used when you start constructing a network. Every cable type has different properties and characteristics. The use of one kind of cable for personal computer networks has to be tailored to the scale of the network to be created, the computer network topology and protocol to be used in the computer network. Listed here are a common cable used in computer networking sites:

Unshielded / Shielded Twisted Pair - This wire is usually used in Ethernet networks and is the most well-known cable. Inside the cable there are 4 sets of wires separated by slim plastic to ensure each pair of wires is constantly separated along the cable. Each cable twisted with another to decrease interference. To ensure the wire is in right sequence, you may use a fluke cable tester to check it.

If the computer networking is located in the area that has a lot of electromagnetic interference, then you may use a shielded twisted pair wire that has EMI protection on the outside. You may use the STP Category 5e, 6 and 7.

UTP wires are normally limited to 100m. This wire may be used for many applications such as for computers and VOIP cabling, access point, CCTV and others. It is the most reliable cable. You may use fluke cable tester to find the signal intensity that streams in the UTP wire.

Fiber optic - this kind of cable is widely used for the backbone network. These cables are often used to link buildings which are separated above 100m. Fiber-optic wire has extremely high capacity of data transmission so it is suited to various purposes.

Fiber-optic cables can be used for long-distance data transmission for example between nations or between continents. Since this wire is very advantageous, then the fiber-optic wires are always be given additional protection. Fiber-optic cables use light to transfer data. This wire needs less electrical power compared to copper cables. You may prove it using fluke network cable tester. Fiber-optic wire is the perfect choice for high-speed data communications.

Coaxial cable - this cable is not popular for computer networks. This wire is utilized for cable TV services. Cable TV providers typically supply cable to the particular places. Then from this place to the customer's home, they will use coaxial cable. Then each wire must be terminated. This kind of cable use copper in the centre, then it is protected with plastic and wrapped with copper netting to reduce interference.

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