How Docker Containers Can Be Exploited To Mine Cryptocurrency

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The UK Parliament recently seized certain controversial Facebook-related documents from Ted Kramer, Founder of Six-Four-Three, a US-based application development firm.

UK Parliament continues to pursue FaceBook, Seizes Documents on Latest Hacking News.


Now Russian Hackers Are Using Brexit As Part Of Their Cyber Attacks

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Earlier this year, Akamai researchers discovered a UPnProxy attack targeting thousands of routers. Now, after so many months, they have found

EternalSilence – New Variant Of UPnProxy Exploit Discovered Affecting 45,000 Routers on Latest Hacking News.


Mayweather Fined $600k For Undisclosed Cryptocurrency Plugs

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The world's biggest hotel chain Marriott International today disclosed that unknown hackers compromised guest reservation database its subsidiary Starwood hotels and walked away with personal details of about 500 million guests.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide was acquired by Marriott International for $13 billion in 2016. The brand includes St. Regis, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, W


LinkedIn was recently in conflict with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which upset the Irish authorities. Apparently, the Microsoft-owned

Irish Authorities Lash Out at LinkedIn for GDPR Violations on Latest Hacking News.


Zoom conferencing app vulnerability, Dunkin' Donuts alerts customers to a potential data breach, and malware attacks decrease over Thanksgiving weekend on episode 174 of our daily podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #174 on Latest Hacking News.


People Who Buy Smart Speakers Have Given Up On Privacy

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Massage App Exposes Sex Pest Clients

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ACLU / EFF Demand Secret Facebook-FBI Ruling Made Public

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Two charged in connection with SamSam ransomware, breach exposes 2.65 million Atrium Health records, and Dell resets passwords following attempted breach on episode 173 of our daily podcast.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #173 on Latest Hacking News.

Multinational computer technology company Dell disclosed Wednesday that its online electronics marketplace experienced a "cybersecurity incident" earlier this month when an unknown group of hackers infiltrated its internal network.

On November 9, Dell detected and disrupted unauthorized activity on its network attempting to steal customer information, including their names, email addresses and


Congress Has Refused To Restore Net Neutrality As Deadline Nears

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New Zealand Latest To Bar Huawei Over Security Fears

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ElasticSearch Server Exposed The Personal Data Of Over 57 Million US Citizens

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The Social Network Giant was recently been slapped with a fine of £500,000 which they have chosen to appeal. The

Facebook Appeals the Cambridge Analytica Case on Latest Hacking News.


Developer Creates Wormable, Fileless Variant Of njRAT

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The Department of Justice announced Wednesday charges against two Iranian nationals for their involvement in creating and deploying the notorious SamSam ransomware.

The alleged hackers, Faramarz Shahi Savandi, 34, and Mohammad Mehdi Shah, 27, have been charged on several counts of computer hacking and fraud charges, the indictment unsealed today at New Jersey court revealed.

The duo used


Manafort Held Secret Talks With Assange In Ecuadorian Embassy

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Widespread Malvertising Campaign Hijacks 300 Million Sessions

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Google, the FBI, ad-fraud fighting company WhiteOps and a collection of cyber security companies worked together to shut down one of the largest and most sophisticated digital ad-fraud schemes that infected over 1.7 million computers to generate fake clicks used to defraud online advertisers for years and made tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Dubbed 3ve (pronounced "Eve"), the online


Cisco Re-Issues Patch For High Severity WebEx Flaw

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Smash Bros. Ultimate Leaks, Nintendo Struggles To Contain Breach

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