DisDroid UK - Cyber-sec biz Fortinet coughs up $545,000 after 'flogging' rebadged Chinese kit to Uncle Sam – but why so low? We may be able to explain https://disdroid.co.uk/Security/cyber-sec-biz-fortinet-coughs-up-545000-after-flogging-rebadged-chinese-kit-to-uncle-sam-%E2%80%93-but-why-so-low-we-may-be-able-to-explain/ Rogue employee takes blame, seems he ain't no Fortinet son Fortinet this week agreed to pay the US government $545,000 to settle claims it allowed employees to peddle Chinese-made gear that would eventually end up being illegally supplied to federal agencies.… Wed, 17 Apr 2019 03:17:08 UTC en