DisDroid UK - Bill Gates Was Born in a Wealthy Family & His Mother Helped Him Get Sweetheart Deal With IBM https://disdroid.co.uk/Politics/bill-gates-was-born-in-a-wealthy-family-his-mother-helped-him-get-sweetheart-deal-with-ibm/ Growing up as I did, with an early interest in business, it was almost impossible not to envy people like Bill Gates, and even measure myself against them. Gates had placed all his chips on the table at one time and walked away richer than Croesus. And me? Well, I’d never even sat down at the table. The way I saw it, I couldn’t.I graduated from a state university with a stack of loans to repay. No sooner had I begun to dig my way out of personal debt than I met my wife (who failed to bring her own shovel). I remember her father joking with me soon Read More after we got engaged.“Son,” he said, “I want to let you know about Lori’s dowry — you get her student loans and her bad teeth!” He laughed from deep in his chest. I moaned from the same spot. Add to that three children born within five years, and I felt like I was slogging through quicksand.If only I was in a different position, I used to think. If only I had the courage to take on more risk, like Bill Gates, like lots of others I used to list to myself. And then finally, years later, I realized that that’s not how it happened at all.Read Entire Article » Tue, 19 Feb 2019 05:17:17 UTC en