A TEDx talk urging people to support paedophiles because they can get "lonely" has caused outrage. The TEDx talk is still available on the group’s YouTube page and the organisation refuses to take it down.

US-based organisers are refusing to take it down from the group's YouTube page — where it has had over 200,000 views — despite growing criticism.

Campaigners and child abuse victims reacted furiously to the "dangerous" talk by Dutch psychologist Madeleine van der Bruggen, who argues society needs to “break the taboo” surrounding paedophilia.

She said: “Most probably there will be someone in your environment, someone you know, someone like your neighbour, like your colleague, like your football mate, maybe even your husband or son who is struggling with these sorts of feelings.

Madeleine Van der Bruggen says we need to stop being negative towards sex offenders

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