10-Year-Old Girl Was Drugged, Raped and Dismembered — Suspect Allowed to Go Free

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The girl's mother used dating website to find men willing to sexually abuse daughter while she watched.

In August 2016 Victoria Martens was drugged with methamphetamine, raped, murdered and then dismembered by a group of drug addicts, including her mother. The shocking case is slowly proceeding through the US courts but a judge has released a key suspect.

Legal analysts and law enforcement experts reacted with shock on social media when a judge allowed Fabian Gonzales, 34, to walk free on Wednesday, 20 November.

Gonzales was one of a group of drug addicts who were there on the night of 23 August 2016 when Victoria Martens - who had turned 10 the day before - was injected with meth, raped, strangled and then dismembered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Protesters ask for judge Charles Brown to be impeached
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