Shocking Video Shows Tesla Run Stop Sign And Slam Into Pedestrian In Atlanta Parking Lot

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Shocking Video Shows Tesla Run Stop Sign And Slam Into Pedestrian In Atlanta Parking Lot

A hit and run accident involving a Tesla in an Atlanta parking lot left one woman unconscious and in the hospital, according to CBS.

Police are searching for the driver. 

Deedra Burnett was crossing the parking lot at her job when a white Tesla ran through a stop sign and slammed into her, sending her flying into the air and eventually back down onto the pavement. As she laid there unconscious and bleeding, the driver of the Tesla told a first responder she was "late for a meeting" and left the scene.

Burnett was brought to Grady Hospital, where she was treated for bumps, bruises and a concussion.

The incident happened almost two weeks ago and the driver has still not come forward. Burnett, meanwhile, says "watching video of the accident made her angry that the driver didn’t stick around long enough to speak with the police."

Burnett said: “She needs to pay for what she did. There's no way you should hit somebody and get away with it. I understand I am still alive, but for you to keep it moving and get away with something like this isn’t right.”

You can watch video of the incident here. 

As one astute observer asked, why can't Tesla use the same "big data" it uses to go after critics to help authorities find the culprit?

Could it perhaps be because they're not interested in getting the bottom of exactly what happened?

Tyler Durden

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 15:05


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