[Laura DeCrescenzo and Bert Deixler]

Well-regarded California attorney Bert Deixler has once again genuflected to his client, Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, filing a notice of appeal after the church got roundly defeated in a calculated move to slow down a lawsuit that scares the bejeesus out of Miscavige.

We’re talking about the forced-abortion [...]


  Tammy Clark tells us she sent a letter to her uncle Heber Jentzsch in November, hoping to find out how he’s doing as he turned 82. This week, she received a reply.

But she’s suspicious about it.

Heber Jentzsch is a major name in Scientology. In the 1980s, church leader David Miscavige [...]


[Copenhagen’s May 2017 grand opening]

Rod Keller has some new insights for us about how Scientology “Ideal Orgs” evolve, including a fascinating new ad posting from the church…

The new Ideal Org in Copenhagen is following a predictable path from boom to bust. That and other interesting revelations come from an online job posting currently [...]

In the blog post linked below, the author attempts to illustrate the lettering of the first verse of John’s gospel in the Book of Kells. According to the author, the wording is “In Prin…

[Bernie Headley and his son Marc, and Marc’s sister Stephanie]

More than a year ago, in January 2017, we wrote a story about Bernie Headley that got us pretty worked up. Here was a man who was fighting cancer and was being prevented from seeing his own daughter, Stephanie, by the Church of Scientology.

We’ve [...]


[A drone’s-eye view of Int Base]

It’s been nearly a decade since one of our favorite books about Scientology life was published: Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology, by former Sea Org worker Marc Headley.

We interviewed Marc when the book came out, and he’s been a big part of this website [...]


  Over the last two days, we’ve seen some fascinating letters made public for the first time which were written by Donald H. Rogers, an eyewitness to the earliest days of Dianetics. Rogers wrote the letters in 1984-85 to Jon Atack, who was researching his book, A Piece of Blue Sky, and who generously [...]


  Today we have the second and third letters sent in the mid-1980s by Don Rogers, an early witness to Dianetics, to author Jon Atack, who has generously allowed us to make them public for the first time. Please see historian Chris Owen’s introduction to these letters in yesterday’s first installment.

—————- THE ROGERS [...]


  Jon Atack has provided us a marvelous exclusive. He’s provided us with copies of letters he received from a man name Don Rogers in the mid-1980s. And we’ve asked historian Chris Owen to help us understand just how valuable these letters are and what’s in them, followed by the first of three Rogers [...]


[Milo Yiannopoulos and Joy Villa, in happier days]

Thanks again to one of our alert tipsters, it was brought to our attention that Joy Villa’s “testing the waters” web pages for a Congressional run have come down.

Both “bringjoytocongress.com” and “joyvilla.com/testingthewaters/” now redirect us to Joy’s general website.

On February 9, the Internet Archive [...]


[Narconon Sud Europe executive Giovanni Citterio (left) during opening ceremony yesterday]

Rod Keller keeps a close watch on Scientology’s front groups like Narconon. Here’s his latest report…

We previously reported that Scientology is opening a new Narconon drug and alcohol rehab facility in Osnago, Italy.

  [Roman Scientologist Salvatore Martini speaking at the event]


  By the time this story posts on Saturday morning here in the US, it will already be Saturday evening in Perth, Australia, and Scientology’s newest “Ideal Org” would have had its grand opening, complete with a visit from church leader David Miscavige.

But in the days leading up to this event, we were [...]


[Laura DeCrescenzo, center, with Marc and Claire Headley (and minion) after a previous victory in court]

It was quite obvious to us that Scientology’s most recent shameless legal gambit — suing the woman in federal court who is already suing the church in a forced-abortion abuse case in state court — was simply an outrageous [...]


  Chris Shelton and Sunny Pereira — two longtime former Sea Org members who really know the subject — today wrap up a series of discussions they’ve put together about Scientology and mental health.

“Scientology’s Introspection Rundown was L. Ron Hubbard’s supposed ‘cure’ for psychosis — his words,” Chris tells us. “This is a [...]


[Back in the day, Geoff Levin (right) and People! hang with Paul McCartney at Capitol Records in 1968]

For Geoff Levin, the final thing holding him back came tumbling down a few weeks ago: His daughter, Savannah, 21, informed him that she no longer wanted to be a part of his life.

Last July, [...]


  Dee Findlay ended 2017 with an item from her bucket list: She burned more than $10,000 worth of Scientology materials that she had bought on an impulse back in 2010.

Dee is a well known figure here at the Underground Bunker. She’s been celebrated for her memorable address to the Clearwater City Council [...]


  Rod Keller continues to keep a close watch on Scientology’s “Ideal Org” program for us…

This week we look at the donors dedicated to establishing an Ideal Org in Columbus, Ohio. The new building was purchased in 2010 with the expectation given to locals that it would open that year. Columbus is still [...]


  On April 30 1960, a celestial spirit trillions of years old began a new meat-body lifetime by jumping into a newborn twin baby boy in Bucks County, Pennsylvania who was given the name David Miscavige. His sister was named Denise — she also turns 58 today — and their parents were Ron and [...]


He was, the jury at Richard III’s murder trial was told, a “hideous egotistical maniac”. Witnesses were wilfully led to recount his murderous intentions. It made no difference.Last night, five centuries after the deaths of his brother, his nephews in the tower and anyone else standing between him an

The Rothschild-linked Bronfman sisters donated millions to the cult whose leaders, Allison Mack and Keith Raniere, have been charged with child sex trafficking.

Leah Remini continues her mini-publicity blitz, this time talking with our correspondent Jeffrey Augustine for his latest podcast. We asked Jeffrey for a description…

Leah talks about her upcoming third season of Scientology and the Aftermath. She also talks about Scientology’s Fa

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ir Game policy, the church’s new television network, and Scientology as a business. She also has kind things to say about this website and its community.

Given Leah’s extensive background in television, I asked her how she would characterize Scientology TV. She said that David Miscavige has spent something like $100 million for an infomercial that endlessly cycles through the same content — in other words, a glorified YouTube channel.

As for Fair Game, Leah says the contributors to her show have been subjected to Scientology’s usual tactics of character assassination. But she says that no amount of Fair Game will stop her or anyone else who works to expose the brutality, lies, and greed of the Church of Scientology.

Leah describes her ongoing process of unlearning and undoing what Scientology did to her. This work is helping her regain what Scientology took from her and everyone else who has been harmed by Scientology. This unlearning, which so many former Scientologists are familiar with, allows the restoration of one’s humanity, compassion, and caring.

— Jeffrey Augustine



Explains how to secure Memcached server to avoid DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) amplification attacks based on Memcached on Linux or Unix-like system.


▂▃▅▇█▓▒░Anon(Ḧḭṽḕ)░▒▓█▇▅▃▂ ====================================================== Death of Heartprogress ====================================================...



#Remanded T. G. A Update 16-02-2018


Today, a Hunter was exposed as a PAEDOPHILE!

Not once, but 3 TIMES CONVICTED! SCOUSE HUNTER Real name Michael Terry.


Well done to T.G.A who have outed this vile Paedophile, give their page a like and share https://m.facebook.com/TheGuardianAngelsUK/?tsid=0.7350768811447999&source=result

Below are his convictions from 2015. A paedophil

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e was…


In the current era of mass malware it's becoming increasingly rare to find something beyond the ‘usual suspects’ we see being spread by high-profile botnets on a regular basis. However, in amongst the digital haystack there exists the occasional needle: we recently came across a sample apparently disguised as a LogMeIn service pack which generated notable amounts of 'unusual' DNS requests. Deeper investigation revealed something of a flawed gem, ultimately designed to steal magnetic stripe payment card data: a hallmark of ATM/PoS malware.


Robert Pearson 56 From Huddersfield. HAS NOW BEEN CHARGED AND HELD FOR COURT. Will update as soon as I know the proceedings on Monday. Massive shout out to Jamie lee excellent work ❤️


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F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FTeamImpact2018%2Fvideos%2F263637757501046%2F&show_text=1&width=267" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" width="267">


Sooo west yorkshire police.... it has come to my attention you are harrassing my hunter to remove the video of fridays sting.

Jamie is no longer with impact and WE WILL NOT remove the video!! You can ring him a million times and spout the same old dribble, it DOES NOT hinder the investigation! We kniw this and can prove this with the god knows how many cases go through the justice system each year 


Frankly, anyone who has watched Mat speak on The Aftermath has no doubt that he is a straight-shooter and an all-around stand up guy. Nobody believes the tripe scientology says about him, not even …



lived in Greenisland moved to Belfast after protecting the paedophile next door from him when we stung George Morran (50) a few weeks back.

Jospeh allegedly arranged to meet a 15 year old boy and wanted to carry out sexual acts as well as full penetrative sex. 

Decoy credits: Conor/Kenny (N. Ireland TRAP team)

Please remember not to approach and family or friends this is not there fault.


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apsteamnireland%2Fvideos%2F127826321223319%2F&show_text=1&width=560" width="560" height="681" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true">

**REOFFENDER** Nathan amritage from Rawmarsh Turned up to meet what he believed was a 14 year old girl to take her to the woods and have sex with her.

Decoys on him are 12,13,14 years of age - credit to all decoys involved,all the hunters and a big THANKS for the assistance from PAPS ❤️

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