Jeffrey Augustine dives into the background of Scientology’s private cruise ship the Motor Vessel Freewinds, which has quite a colorful history. Rod Keller has the week off.

Built in 1968 at the Wärtsilä Turku Shipyard in Turku, Finland, the ship that would become Scientology’s MV Freewinds was originally designed as a North Sea [...]


  Nathan Rich really made an impression on us with his appearance on Leah Remini’s series discussing his time at the Mace-Kingsley Ranch. But then he really knocked our socks off with his book, which we wrote about last week. He’s generously given us an excerpt of his memoir, Scythe Tleppo: My Survival of [...]


  One of our tipsters forwarded this message to us that showed up on Facebook. It appears to claim that Scientology’s Sea Organization now requires new members to be at least 16 years old and to have a high school diploma.

  We’ve talked to former Scientologists who signed their billion-year Sea [...]


  This photo shows the day my mom disconnected from me.

My parents literally had a shotgun wedding. My mom was pregnant with my brother, my dad refused to marry her. My grandmother forced them to marry, literally, with a shotgun. Yeah, that’s Texas for you.

My mom became a Scientologist at the [...]


  Back in January, we told you how tickled we were to see that longtime Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon had reached the pinnacle of Hubbardian achievement and had completed Operating Thetan Level Eight (OT 8).

Here’s how we described the attorney then…

Moxon is a very longtime and loyal soldier for Scientology whose work [...]


[Things are really busy here underground]

We have some really significant stories coming soon, and we want as many people as possible to see them. So we’re trying something a little different today, and we hope we can count on your help.

Yes, the Underground Bunker is finally dipping its toes into the world of [...]


[Richard wants you to watch Scientology TV]

What a treat we have for you today. Over in London last night, the UK Auxiliary Unit of the Underground Bunker — our clever correspondents Pete Griffiths and Andrea Garner — were showing around Beth Pearson on a visit from the U.S. when they came by the Scientology [...]


  Rod Keller is on top of Scientology’s attempts to cash in on Hurricane Florence and its continued plans for opening new Narconons around the world…

Hurricane Florence is weakening over South Carolina as of this writing, and Scientology has a plan to provide disaster relief. Meet Mirit Hendrickson, President of Scientology Volunteer Ministers [...]



  Nathan Rich has led one fucked-up life. There’s no escaping that conclusion after you read his unique autobiography that comes out on Tuesday, with the unusual title of Scythe Tleppo.

To say that Nathan’s book is merely raw is to do it a disservice. Reading this book is going to leave you [...]


  About halfway through Jesse Prince’s book, The Expert Witness: My Life at the Top of Scientology, it suddenly dawned on us why we were enjoying it so much — this, we realized, was the book Marty Rathbun should have written years ago.

In 2013, Rathbun, who was once the second-highest ranking official in [...]


  Today we have a remarkable account from a woman who asked not to be named. We’re also not identifying by name the business she has written about. But considering stories we’ve done recently (and some in years previously), we feel that her narrative is very timely and provides a really stunning look inside [...]


Florida’s utopian future is here now!

Our thanks to Rasha for sending us the new Scientology Source magazine, which contained a somewhat understated story noting a monumental advance for planet earth. It’s so historic, we’re surprised that the magazine didn’t make an even bigger fuss about it. The news? FLORIDA IS IDEAL, people!

The magazine [...]


[Rebecca Dobkin]

Jeffrey Augustine had an odd visitor last week, and we asked him to tell us about it…

On Wednesday, a woman dropped by our house in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz and asked to speak to my wife, Karen de la Carriere. Karen was busy, so I talked to her.

She [...]


There’s always been strong interest in Scientology’s controversies from concerned Canadians. We’ve written at length about some of them, and we’ve noticed an uptick in Canadian activism at Facebook in recent months. One of our longtime readers, M.C. Mayo, who goes by EmmaDaoust here at the Bunker, sent us an interesting dispatch from her [...]


[Elena Cardone]

Rod Keller has a new look at one of Scientology’s most notorious couples, and one of its longest-running campaigns.

A new petition at We The People calls for the U.S. Government to investigate whether mass killings are caused by people taking psychiatric medicine. This online petition system is hosted by the White House [...]


Michelle LeClair’s book Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology and Fighting for the Woman I Love got a nice boost this week as it was featured on the cover of People magazine ahead of its September 11 publication date, and we expect it’s going to continue to get a major media push. But now that we’ve [...]


[William J. Newman]

In what is becoming an all-too frequent occurrence, we have another Scientology-related suicide to tell you about today. And this one connects to another one we told you about earlier.

In 2014, we told you about Tayler Tweed, a talented 27-year-old who ended her life after spending several months posting her doubts [...]


  We have a real treat for you today, something we hope will add some levity to your day. It’s also timely as things play out in the South American nation of Colombia regarding Scientology’s involvement with the military there.

To preface this nonsense, we wanted to remind you how curious it was back [...]


[Colombian senators Iván Cepeda and Antonio Sanguino]

Always attack, never defend. That’s the motto that L. Ron Hubbard instilled in Scientology before he left for other parts of the galaxy, and it’s a rallying cry that current leader David Miscavige has always taken to heart.

And in Colombia, he is definitely on the attack.

A [...]


  Two years ago today, Australian television journalist Bryan Seymour was on the scene to cover Scientology’s grand opening of an “Advanced Org” in a suburb of Sydney. To mark the anniversary, we asked Bryan to update us on how this major facility is faring.

The silence is eerie at the National Acoustics Laboratory [...]


Rod Keller has another report on what Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, is doing…

Narconon is hiring and the good news for those in need of work is that you don’t need any experience to work there. The bad news is that you may not get paid. Training as an addiction counselor is actually [...]


[Jay Spina at a Drug-Free World event in 2016]

On Thursday, Geoffrey S. Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, unsealed an indictment of two Orange County, New York chiropractors and two additional people who work in their office, accusing them of defrauding Medicare of more than $80 million.

The two [...]


[The Commodore]

In June we featured an excerpt from Janis Gillham Grady’s first ‘Commodore’s Messenger’ volume, and now, today, her second volume becomes available for the first time, Commodore’s Messenger Book Two: Riding Out the Storms With L. Ron Hubbard. To mark the occasion, she’s generously shared with us a short excerpt from her many [...]


  We have now obtained a copy of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office report on the death of Kristi Bouck, the 26-year-old Scientologist we told you about last month who ended her life on June 6.

Kristi was from Orange County, California and had been declared Clear by Scientology in 2015, a major milestone [...]


[American Atheists got this kiosk removed from an LAPD division the department had already admitted was teeming with Scientology influence]

You probably saw the story that hit yesterday, reporting that American Atheists had convinced the LAPD to remove a Scientology kiosk from its Hollywood Division station house, but the police department refused to turn over [...]


Narconon Holland

Once again, the Netherlands gives us a rare opportunity to see inside the financial health of a Scientology entity, in this case the Narconon Holland drug rehab center. The Netherlands is one of only a few countries that force Scientology to open their books, and once again we have numbers man John P. [...]


[Pat Clouden has your ballot choices]

Today voters in Florida will be casting ballots in local elections and party primaries, and just in time we have your Scientology Voters Guide!

We’ve pointed out in the past that Scientologists tend to lean right, and there’s simply no doubt that they receive instructions for how to vote [...]


  Wow, we are so fortunate that one of our tipsters was able to dig this up for us. It’s key footage of Scientology leader David Miscavige boasting about the inroads he was making into Colombia’s military and national police — exactly what the media in Colombia has been looking for these last few [...]


  Rod Keller examines the state of Scientology in South Africa, where there’s as much pressure to create “Ideal Orgs” as anywhere else…

South African Scientologists feel a strong bond with founder L. Ron Hubbard and quotes from his writings are being used in promoting the next Ideal Org for South Africa, in Durban. [...]


  Last night, Danny Masterson accuser Chrissie Carnell posted images of a man who was parked in a pickup truck across from her house that she and her husband, At the Drive In rocker Cedric Bixler-Zavala, suspected was a private investigator working for Masterson or the Church of Scientology. She posted photos of the [...]


We want to thank the tipster who sent to us a new pamphlet put out by Scientology in Italy which has finally convinced us that David Miscavige’s troops are truly going to clear the planet.

Published by Scientology’s European headquarters — the Advanced Organization Saint Hill (AOSH) located in Copenhagen — the pamphlet features [...]


[General (retired) Carlos Ramiro Mena, the man of the moment]

While things have been exploding over Scientology in Colombia, our man in Los Angeles, Jeffrey Augustine, has been looking into the relationship between David Miscavige’s organization and that South American country, looking for clues to how things got to their present mess. We think he’s [...]

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