Security researchers at Check Point Software Technologies have discovered a new attack vector against the Android operating system that could potentially allow attackers to silently infect your smartphones with malicious apps or launch denial of service attacks.

Dubbed Man-in-the-Disk, the attack takes advantage of the way Android apps utilize 'External Storage' system to store app-related data,

Get your update caps on.

Just a few minutes ago Microsoft released its latest monthly Patch Tuesday update for August 2018, patching a total of 60 vulnerabilities, of which 19 are rated as critical.

The updates patch flaws in Microsoft Windows, Edge Browser, Internet Explorer, Office, ChakraCore, .NET Framework, Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio.

Two of these


The Amazon Echo is generally the first name which comes to mind when you think of a smart home speaker

DEF CON Update: Researchers Find A Method To Turn Amazon Echo Into A Spy on Latest Hacking News.

Adobe has released August 2018 security patch updates for a total of 11 vulnerabilities in its products, two of which are rated as critical that affect Adobe Acrobat and Reader software.

The vulnerabilities addressed in this month updates affect Adobe Flash Player, Creative Cloud Desktop Application, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Acrobat and Reader applications.

None of the security

The Information Technology industry has witnessed exponential growth over the years, and if you want to be a part of this growing industry, it's important for you to earn certificates in this field.

Organisations always prefer employees with strong internationally-recognized professional certifications that proof your skills, knowledge, and what you know—giving you more credibility and


Tesla is having thoughts of open sourcing the security module of its self-driving cars. Elon Musk has posted on Twitter

Tesla Plan To Release Source Code For Its In-Car Security Tech on Latest Hacking News.

What maximum a remote attacker can do just by having your Fax machine number?

Believe it or not, but your fax number is literally enough for a hacker to gain complete control over the printer and possibly infiltrate the rest of the network connected to it.

Check Point researchers have revealed details of two critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities they discovered in the


While we have been hearing plenty of peculiar reports from the Def Con hacker conference since the time it started,

Faxploit – Fax Machines Allow Hackers To Take Over An Entire Network on Latest Hacking News.


On the August 14th Latest Hacking News Podcast new KeyPass ransomware variant making the rounds, TLS 1.3 officially approved as standard and Google logging users' location even if "Location History" is turned off.

Latest Hacking News Podcast #98 on Latest Hacking News.


U.S. House Candidates Vulnerable To Attacks

logicfish Security headline hacker government usa cyberwar All https://packetstormsecurity.com   Discuss    Share

Former NSA Top Hacker Names The Filthy Four Of Nation-State Hacking

logicfish Security headline hacker government usa russia china cyberwar korea iran nsa All https://packetstormsecurity.com   Discuss    Share

The fsociety hacking tools pack is a penetration testing framework that consists of many of the hacking tools used in

Fsociety Hacking Tools Pack – Open Source Penetration Testing Framework on Latest Hacking News.


Malicious Faxes Leave Firms Open To Cyber Attack

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Google tracks you everywhere, even if you explicitly tell it not to.

Every time a service like Google Maps wants to use your location, Google asks your permission to allow access to your location if you want to use it for navigating, but a new investigation shows that the company does track you anyway.

An investigation by Associated Press revealed that many Google services on Android and


macOS Vuln Paves Way For Single Click Compromise

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The ongoing DefCon 2018 has so far been revealing many interesting things. Researchers have kept many of their important discoveries hidden

Many Pre-Installed Apps In Android Have Severe Vulnerabilities on Latest Hacking News.

Your Mac computer running the Apple's latest High Sierra operating system can be hacked by tweaking just two lines of code, a researcher demonstrated at the Def Con security conference on Sunday.

Patrick Wardle, an ex-NSA hacker and now Chief Research Officer of Digita Security, uncovered a critical zero-day vulnerability in the macOS operating system that could allow a malicious application


This year’s Black Hat USA and DefCon indeed bring some most interesting discoveries. Recently, researchers demonstrated at the event an

MDM Vulnerability Could Allow Remote Hacking of a Mac Right Out Of The Box on Latest Hacking News.

Bought a new Android phone? What if I say your brand new smartphone can be hacked remotely?

Nearly all Android phones come with useless applications pre-installed by manufacturers or carriers, usually called bloatware, and there's nothing you can do if any of them has a backdoor built-in—even if you're careful about avoiding sketchy apps.

That's exactly what security researchers from mobile


German data protection group named Digital Courage has filed a complaint against the German Government in Constitutional Court. The government

Complaint Filed Against German Government Due To Hacking of Citizen Computers and Mobile Phones on Latest Hacking News.


Once again, the infamous Dharma ransomware appears all set to begin a massive infection campaign. It comes back as a

New Variant of Dharma Ransomware Discovered on Latest Hacking News.


DEF CON 2018 news roundup! 11-year-old hacks replica election site in under 10 minutes, Google engineer kicked from convention and

Latest Hacking News Podcast #97 on Latest Hacking News.


Since the Facebook Scandal many users over the world have been searching for a more secure medium to communicate. Criptext

New Email Client Announced by Criptext Focuses on User Privacy on Latest Hacking News.


Trape is a tool written in python that can aid in tracking a client after utilising a phishing attack. When

Trape – A Free GUI Based Phishing/Tracking Tool on Latest Hacking News.


A security researcher named Christopher Domas spoke at the recent Black Hat conference highlighting some x86 CPUs are installed with

Hacker Discovered “God Mode” Whilst Fuzzing Some Old x86 CPU’s on Latest Hacking News.


Microsoft works continually to improve the security of its Windows 10 operating system. Although the tech giant has certainly made

“Open Sesame” Vulnerability That Let Users Hack Windows 10 Was Demonstrated at Black Hat Conference on Latest Hacking News.


Once again, a massive cyber attack on a government’s computer has affected thousands of citizens. Reportedly, the data of more

Massive Wisconsin Data Breach – Data Of More Than 258K People Accessed on Latest Hacking News.


A report from telemetric data analysis revealed that less than half of companies do proper vulnerability testing. The data also

Only 48% of the companies do proper security vulnerability testing on Latest Hacking News.


Social Mapper is an open source tool that searches for profile information from social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram,

Social Mapper – Find Social Media Profiles Using Only a Photo on Latest Hacking News.


A browser extension named Ahoy! which acts as an Anti-Censorship tool and allows users to access more than 1700 blocked

Google has kicked Ahoy! the Anti-Censorship App From The Chrome Store on Latest Hacking News.

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