This is the world’s most beautiful air conditioner

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<p>And it requires zero electricity to operate, thanks to the passive cooling techniques utilized by its designer, Maxime Louis-Courcier.</p><br /><br /><br /><p>While environmental awareness is undoubtedly a macro necessity, taking steps to shrink our own carbon footprints on a smaller scale is crucial too. Incorporating eco-friendly practices into homes&#x2014;which are our own miniature worlds, after all&#x2014;isn&#x2019;t always easy, but thoughtful design can help. For instance, Paris-based industrial designer Maxime Louis-Courcier recently addressed the need for more sustainable home appliances by designing an air conditioner and air humidifier made from an unlikely collection of natural materials.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><div class="feedflare"><br /> <br /></div>
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