DisDroid UK - Solar geoengineering could have big benefits (and also big risks) https://disdroid.co.uk/Business/solar-geoengineering-could-have-big-benefits-and-also-big-risks/ <p>A new study found the effects on inequality from lowering global temperature via limiting the sun that reaches the Earth could be massive. But can we get those same effects simply by reducing carbon emissions in a less risky way?</p><br /><p>Climate change has made the world more unequal. As the planet has warmed, poor countries have gotten poorer while some rich countries got richer, and that disparity is expected to only increase as temperatures do. But reversing climate change could help mitigate those disparities, a new study has found.</p><p>Read Ful Read Morel Story</p><br /> <br /> Mon, 13 Jan 2020 22:17:29 UTC en