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<p>With no screen and no spying, Pentagram designed the Yoto player to do less, not more.</p><br /><br /><br /><p>Finding a kid-friendly device like an e-reader or audio player is a pain point for a lot of modern parents. Kids&#x2019; content, like educational podcasts, shows, or audio books, are often part of bigger catalogs when using a platform like Amazon Prime or Google Play. So the parent either has to cue up the content themselves, or hand the operation over to their kid, who has to navigate a large library of options. And even if parental control
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s are set up for those platforms, the physical controls and interfaces aren&#x2019;t designed for clumsy hands or developing brains.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Big, successful companies rarely invent the next big thing&#x2014;and Christensen explained why. But will this theories hold true forever?</p><br /><p>There&#x2019;s no better way to judge the importance of a business thinker than to assess the stature of the people whom he or she influenced. By that standard, Clayton Christensen, who died from complications relating to cancer treatment on January 23 in Boston, had few peers.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Gwenyth Paltrow&#x2019;s company joins the New York Times, Vox Media, and BuzzFeed on a screen near you.</p><br /><p>In the trailer for the new Netflix show <em>The Goop Lab</em>, which launches on the streamer today, we see star and company founder Gwyneth Paltrow laughing with colleagues in the Goop offices. As footage of Goop head of content Elise Loehnen meditating and getting facial acupuncture rolls, she says, &#x201C;What we try to do at Goop is to explore ideas that may seem out there or too scary.&#x201D;</p><p>Read Full S
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tory</p><br /> <br />
<p>Evaluating someone fairly can be tough. Here&#x2019;s how you should approach the task.</p><br /><p>It might sound obvious, but it&#x2019;s worth stating: Every time you evaluate something, you&#x2019;re comparing it to something else. Sometimes, that comparison is overt&#x2014;a product that is being sold for 25% off feels like a good deal because you are paying less for it than you would have paid for it at the regular price. Sometimes, that comparison is tacit&#x2014;a product might feel like a good deal, because you&#x2019;re aware of othe
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r products that are more expensive.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Because sometimes, you just want the old web back.</p><br /><p>In Web 1.0, the internet was known for its static, clunky websites and the rise of widely available information. The user-generated content and constant chatter we know (and get overwhelmed by) today wasn&#x2019;t a thing until Web 2.0 took over about 10 years later, in the early aughts. But in the years leading up to the new millennium, one element of living online did allow people to engage: the chat room.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>CDC says risk to Americans still &#x201C;low.&#x201D; </p><br /><p>The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a second case of coronavirus in the U.S.&#x2014;this one afflicting a woman in Chicago&#x2014;and expects to find more cases in the coming days. Here&#x2019;s everything you need to know:</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Four social-impact startups reveal how they manage privacy laws and concerns&#x2014;even if they&#x2019;re not required to. </p><br /><p>Privacy headlines often focus on big tech behemoths&#x2014;and for good reason. Last year alone, the Federal Trade Commission settled a $5 billion civil penalty against Facebook and a $170 million fine for alleged violations of the Children&#x2019;s Privacy Law against Google and YouTube. These companies have contributed to waves of identity theft, social stigma, and barriers to housing and jobs for the victims of th
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eir data breaches.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Who&#x2019;s up for an orgasm workshop? Does your energy need healing? Then Netflix and Paltrow have just the docuseries for you.</p><br /><p>Since its launch in 2008, Gwyneth Paltrow&#x2019;s lifestyle brand, Goop, has grown from a homespun newsletter into a multipronged empire.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Some of the best features of Google&#x2019;s mapping app are among the hardest to find&#x2014;until you know where to look.</p><br /><p>Google Maps is great for just getting around. But don&#x2019;t be fooled: the app is much more than a glorified Garmin. Maps has all sorts of powerful features and timesaving shortcuts that aren&#x2019;t obvious, but are just waiting to be discovered. So grab your compass and get ready: It&#x2019;s time to explore some of its most useful off-the-beaten-path options.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><b
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r /> <br />
<p>From complete kits to compostable wipes, clean is going green. </p><br /><p>Cleaning your house can be dirty business. Researchers at the University of Washington tested a variety of popular household products (such as air fresheners, all-purpose cleaners, soaps, laundry and dish detergents, and the like) for toxic ingredients. Surprise! They found a whopping 133 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the products&#x2014;even in those labeled &#x201C;green,&#x201D; &#x201C;natural,&#x201D; or &#x201C;organic.&#x201D; What&#x2019;s the us
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e of cleaning your house with a bunch of chemicals that mar the planet and compromise your health? There are a few brands that are looking to change that. Made with non-toxic ingredients, wrapped in zero-waste packaging, and offering a powerful clean that&#x2019;s better for you and the planet, these cleaning supplies are the change we didn&#x2019;t know we needed to make at home.<strong>&#xA0;</strong></p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Humanity is officially on the brink. </p><br /><p>Scientists and a group of prominent former world leaders want you know that global affairs are VERY BAD. Each year, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists sets its Doomsday Clock, gauging whether recent world events are hurling humanity toward apocalypse.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>The tents are used in emergencies around the world, but as extreme weather becomes more common, they needed to be able to withstand a wide variety of conditions.</p><br /><br /><br /><p>For the last two decades, UNICEF&#x2019;s temporary schools and health clinics for children in emergency camps have been housed in the same basic tent: A simple, large, multipurpose space that provides basic protection from the elements but isn&#x2019;t particularly comfortable. Already, on hot days, children sometimes sit outside the tents because it&#x2019;s
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too warm to be inside. As climate change makes extreme weather more common, from brutal heat waves to heavy storms, the agency realized that it needed to rethink the tent&#x2019;s design.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>The layoffs impact 14% of the genetic testing company&#x2019;s staff.</p><br /><p>Consumer genetic testing company 23andMe is laying off 100 people (or 14% of its staff) due to declining sales, reports CNBC.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Tyler Perry may not have a writers room, but could he at least get a continuity editor?</p><br /><p>Tyler Perry is one of Hollywood&#x2019;s most prolific showrunners&#x2014;and he won&#x2019;t let you forget it either.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>&#x201C;Being cyber aware is a very important thing.&#x201D;</p><br /><p class="p1">By Davos standards, it was one of the quieter moments during this week&#x2019;s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum&#x2014;an event marked by bold proclamations, big personalities, and even bigger bank accounts. At a panel discussion about the future of work, <em>Fast Company</em> editor-in-chief Stephanie Mehta asked four executives from HCL Technologies what skill or trade employees will need to succeed in the workplace in 2030.</p>
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<p>Not just for Trekkies. Captain Picard&#x2019;s sensible and thoughtful approach to collaboration is an example of emotional intelligence worth emulating.</p><br /><p>I&#x2019;m not normally one for karma or fate, but I have to believe that Jan. 23, 2020 is going to be one of those historical days for me&#x2013;right behind (certainly not equal to, that would be wrong!) the birth of each of my children. This is the day when a man who has shaped my understanding of true leadership comes back. I&#x2019;m talking about the premiere of &#x201C;Star Tre
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k: Picard&#x201D; on CBS All Access.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Just swapping single-use plastic for compostable alternatives won&#x2019;t do much if none of them end up in the compost.</p><br /><p>For a worker in Chinese cities such as Beijing or Shenzhen, there&#x2019;s a good chance that lunch at the office now involves delivery through an app&#x2014;and a pile of plastic trash. In 2018, food delivery apps in China made more than 10 billion deliveries throughout the country, nearly doubling the number from the previous year. The corresponding deluge of plastic takeout containers, chopsticks, and bags is one of the
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reasons that the Chinese government just passed an ambitious new ban on single-use plastic.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>To embed itself into the fitness ecosystem, Apple Watch is teaming up with fitness studios like Orangetheory and Crunch Fitness to give workout junkies a way to earn rewards at the gym&#x2014;or on the trail. </p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />For years Apple Watch customers have been walking and running to meet step counts just for the satisfaction of meeting their goals. Now Apple is giving them better reasons to get sweaty.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><p>Apple is embedding itself mo
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re deeply with fitness brands through a new rewards program called Watch Connected. Starting Thursday, members of Crunch Fitness, greater Twin Cities YMCA, BaseCamp, and Orangetheory who own Apple Watches will be able to accrue gift cards and discounts.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>As users opt out of tracking en masse, advertisers will have to make do with limited location data.</p><br /><p>Spare a thought, if you will, for the digital advertisers who have grown dependent on knowing your exact whereabouts at any instant.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>If you live in the United States, the series is only on CBS All Access. We wish it were available elsewhere, but wishing won&#x2019;t make it so.</p><br /><p>Back in the 1960s, the original <em>Star Trek</em> series predicted many technological advances that are commonplace today, including mobile communications and talking computers. But one thing Gene Roddenberry and company never anticipated about future conveniences was our decidedly inconvenient TV ecosystem, where watching your favorite shows requires subscriptions to endless streaming services.
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</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>In Amsterdam, the Great Bubble Barrier is a simple solution to plastic pollution: creating an invisible barrier that helps collect the trash that ends up in the water.</p><br /><br /><br /><p>If you walk along the Westerdok canal in Amsterdam, you might not notice a line of bubbles moving across the surface. But underwater, a tube stretches along the bottom of the canal, pushing air upward. It&#x2019;s a pilot test of new technology, called the Great Bubble Barrier, designed to help catch plastic waste before it flows into the North Sea.</p><
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<p>&#x201C;Go to sleep at night knowing that you created a revolution,&#x201D; the Indian actress said in an interview at Davos. </p><br /><p class="p1">With more than 73 million followers on Twitter and Instagram alone, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has surely dealt with her share of trolls. So when the Indian superstar was asked this afternoon if she has any advice for a younger generation of women activists&#x2014;Gen Z change-makers like Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, and Emma Gonzalez, to name a few&#x2014;she was quick to offer her thoughts on
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how to cope with daily onslaughts from anonymous haters who pollute social media with viciousness and bile.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>A new report points the finger at spyware firms like NSO Group, a secretive Israeli company that has been implicated in government surveillance of dissidents across the world.</p><br /><p>Saudi Arabia may have had some help when it allegedly hacked into Jeff Bezos&#x2019;s personal iPhone. On Tuesday, The Guardian reported that a digital forensics examination commissioned by Bezos had accused Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of compromising the Amazon founder&#x2019;s phone during a private WhatsApp conversation. Now, two United Nations human rights exp
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erts have called for an &#x201C;immediate investigation,&#x201D; pointing to the report&#x2019;s finding that the intrusion was &#x201C;likely&#x201D; carried out with spyware tools made by companies such as NSO Group or Hacking Team.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&#xA0;</span></p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>What&#x2019;s Google doing with this sneaky little Pinterest competitor?</p><br /><p>Google is using AI to put all of the stuff you search for into collections and honestly, the new features may very well remind you of Pinterest.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Yikes. The Safari feature reportedly introduced serious flaws that could&#x2019;ve been exploited by hackers.</p><br /><p>An Apple feature so privacy-minded it upset the ad industry also could have been exploited by hackers to reveal what you do as you browse the web, Google researchers claim in a paper described by the <em>Financial Times</em>.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>The political environment was finally right for the 104-year-old snack mascot who dresses like an old-timey billionaire to die.</p><br /><p>The Super Bowl has long been the biggest stage for American advertising, where brands pay millions of dollars to get our attention and shopping dollars.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Automation is changing the nature and potential of entry-level jobs. It&#x2019;s on everyone to adapt.</p><br /><p>Automation is changing the world. Namely, it&#x2019;s changing the way we work by eliminating many of the more menial, repetitive tasks that employees currently focus on&#xA0;multiple hours a day. And while this is happening to employees across all areas of business, perhaps no one is being impacted more quickly&#x2014;or dramatically&#x2014;than practitioners and designers of entry-level work.</p><p>Read Full Story</p&
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gt;<br /> <br />
<p>A decade after he first said, &#x201C;Hello Ladies,&#x201D; Isaiah Mustafa is back in a different world.</p><br /><p>To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the original Old Spice Guy campaign launch, the brand has brought back&#xA0;Isaiah Mustafa as its iconic spokesman, now a doting-yet-impeccably-scented dad to a Gen Z son.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>With the proliferation of telemedicine, AI, and health apps, technology is making our health system more fragmented&#x2014;and may not be helping people be healthier.</p><br /><p>Last week, healthcare professionals and various stakeholders in their industry gathered in San Francisco to talk about the future of healthcare. If the JP Morgan Conference is any indication, the future is as fraught as the past.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Brainstorming has gotten a bad rap, and some critics say that it encourages groupthink. However, if you do it properly, you can generate incredible results for your company. </p><br /><p>If we compiled most company &#x201C;about us&#x201D; pages into a Bingo game, we&#x2019;d fill the cards with words like &#x201C;innovation, creativity, and passion.&#x201D; These are all wonderful traits. Modern companies need to innovate, and creativity is a powerful tool. There&#x2019;s just one problem: workers are overwhelmed.</p><p>Read Full
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Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>Delivering harsh feedback under the guise of &#x201C;honesty&#x201D; may actually undermine trust. Here are four considerations that can help you deliver better&#x2014;and still honest&#x2014;feedback. </p><br /><p>The 24/7 news cycle, chants of &#x201C;fake news,&#x201D; and the spread of disinformation on social media had writer Judi Ketteler worried about the state of honesty in the world. Did it matter anymore? Then, came an interaction with a doctor she was interviewing for a project. He stated that his hospital did more of a particular p
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rocedure than any other in the region.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
<p>As high-rises increasingly reach their use-by date, they need to be dismantled carefully&#x2014;not just blown up. </p><br /><p>We are entering a new world where skyscrapers and other huge buildings are becoming redundant and need significant overhaul or replacement. The process is called unbuilding or, if you&#x2019;re a bit highfalutin, deconstruction.</p><p>Read Full Story</p><br /> <br />
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