It is becoming increasingly clear by reading  numerous stories in the media and people posting their frustration on social media  that there is dissatisfaction from the general public that many police forces have   not acted  when people have  reported a crime, or the police  handle cases inefficiently, are corrupt, act criminally themselves towards the public or favour protecting the abuser over the victim.  The Police complaints system is not fit for purpose.  When a complaint is made  to the police it is handled by The  Professional Standards Department which are members of the police force.  I have had cases where they have not followed the P.A.C.E guidelines, have just generally tried to stall responses and exasperate the  complainant in the hope they will give in.  The Police do not have to pay for their legal representatives and are paid too respond to you, where as the majority of public are not entitled to legal aid and have to find the time and resources to respond to the catalogue of Police correspondence they receive, either skirting around the issue or the content in the letters is not related to the complaint.  The Police can point blank refuse to investigate your case, regardless of if this adheres to the P.A.C.E guidelines.  Police will rarely report them selves to the I.P.C.C and every case I have sent to the I.P.C.C they have sent it back to the Professional Standards Department.   They seem only to be interested in high profile cases.


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