Compromised Huddersfield Police and Examiner Live Reporters stage a fakenews criminal PsYOP

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Here's how the compromised west yorkshire police, and counterparts at the examiner newspaper, and the local royal mail depot, staged their own "fake news" psyop, involving a staged "dog attack" that never happened, a series of arrests under false charges allowing the police to steal from my property bag and sneak around my home (on camera) and me being sectioned under a hospital order after a kangaroo-court hearing attended by Neil Gilpin and his cohorts from the sex abuse ring.


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    logicfish 174 days ago Permalink

    The examiner reporter, and a photographer, sat right next to Neil Gilpin (a convicted sex offender) during the kangaroo court hearing where I was sectioned for speaking out about the child abuse ring.

    Why would a sex offender want to associate with a photographer? We can only speculate.

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