Twitter localhost compromised – OS Fingerprinting matches hostile darkweb hosts - Royal Male Chat Forum

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We can see from this article: https://archive.ph/iZUTh https://www.thepostmillennial.com/exclusive-pedophiles-are-using-twitter-to-share-child-porn/ ..that an investigation by The Post Millennial lead to the discovery that pedophiles were conducting "live trades", on Twitter, in broad daylight. Passive OS Fingerprinting shows where the dark-web content is hosted And the passive scan that I conducted against known dark-web hosts matched with several interesting…

- The Royale Male Chat Forum


Kali Linux 2019.1 Released — Operating System For Hackers

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Wohooo! Great news for hackers and penetration testers.

Offensive Security has just released Kali Linux 2019.1, the first 2019 version of its Swiss army knife for cybersecurity professionals.

The latest version of Kali Linux operating system includes kernel up to version 4.19.13 and patches for numerous bugs, along with many updated software, like Metasploit, theHarvester, DBeaver, and more.


Unpatched DoS Flaw Could Help Anyone Take Down WordPress Websites

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An unpatched application-level denial of service (DoS) vulnerability in WordPress websites could help hackers take down nearly any WordPress website


Meltdown/Specter-based Malware Coming Soon to Devices Near You, Are You Ready?

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Security researchers have discovered more than 130 malware samples trying to exploit Spectre and Meltdown chip flaws.


It has been a PR Nightmare for Intel since the Security Researchers found the flaw in the Chips - Latest Hacking News

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On Tuesday, News said a bug lets any software gain entrance to parts of a computer’s memory that are set out to preserve things like passwords. All machines with Intel chips from the past 10 years appear to be touched, the report said, and updates to Microsoft Corp.’s Windows and Mac OS will be required. The security updates may slow down older device by as much as 30 percent, according to News.


Hacker Distributes Backdoored IoT Vulnerability Scanning Script to Hack Script Kiddies

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Nothing is free in this world.

If you are searching for free hacking tools on the Internet, then beware—most freely available tools, claiming to be the swiss army knife for hackers, are nothing but a scam.

For example, Cobian RAT and a Facebook hacking tool that we previously reported on The Hacker News actually could hack, but of the one who uses them and

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Brand New Cutting Edge Video Templates that allows you to Deploy Amazing Videos in Minutes.

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What is Majestic Templates?

It’s a new array of cutting edge PowerPoint video templates created with advanced video creation techniques and animated with stunning animations that impress the most demanding. These videos not only look absolutely gorgeous but they are also highly versatile and customizable with just one simple software that is PowerPoint. Don’t take our words for it, preview the videos below and be prepared to be blown away!


Warning: Critical Tor Browser Vulnerability Leaks Users’ Real IP Address—Update Now

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Critical Firefox Vulnerability Leaks Tor Browser Users’ Real IP Address—Update Now


New WP Software Allows You To Run Automated Webinars With Unlimited Attendees With The Push Of A Button

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Sick and tired of paying hundreds of $$ a month in expensive fees for subpar webinar software that's slow, crashed or plain and simple doesn't work?


The Value of Bitcoin has surpassed $6,800

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The cryptocurrency has had a bullish streak completely the week following the CME’s statement that it will introduce bitcoin expectations contracts.


$1,000 Per Week In Offline 'Ready-made' Websites

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Case Study: $1,000 Per Week In Offline ‘Ready-made’ Websites   One of the problems of working with brick and mortar type businesses is continually having to work on things like SEO. Sure, you charge a monthly fee for the services, but that makes it harder to sell, too. But what if there was a quick…


LetsEncrypt - Wildcard Certificates Coming January 2018

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Let’s Encrypt will begin issuing wildcard certificates in January of 2018.


Let’s Encrypt will begin issuing wildcard certificates in January of 2018. Wildcard certificates are a commonly requested feature and we understand that there are some use cases where they make HTTPS deployment easier. Our hope is that offering wildcards will help to accelerate the Web’s progress towards 100% HTTPS.


Create Massive Income From Your Websites!

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Even if you consider yourself a newbie or you've been struggling with figuring out how to get members to stay committed to you with their credit cards, with Monthly Membership Blueprint getting recurring income is no longer a mystery.

I show you a methodology on how you can build a site of specific design that is proven to reel in committed members to pay you - month after month after month - and keep your retention rate strong.

When you implement this, only then you will have a true business. Because a real business is built on REPEAT customers. And

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xip.io - Wildcard DNS For Everyone

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What is xip.io?
xip.io is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS
for any IP address. Say your LAN IP address is
Using xip.io, resolves to
www. resolves to
mysite. resolves to
foo.bar. resolves to

...and so on. You can use these domains to access virtual
hosts on your development web server from devices on your
local network, like
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Now OpenBazaar 2.0 came back with a Decentralized Architecture with Tor Support - Latest Hacking News

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OpenBazaar began life as a project called DarkMarket, built at a Toronto Bitcoin Hackathon in 2014 by Amir Taaki. Built shortly after

SafeBrowse Chrome Extension is embedded with Monero Miner just like PirateBay - Latest Hacking News

logicfish News Software Society Computers Crime Security bitcoin bitcoin miner chrome extension monero monero miner miner https://latesthackingnews.com   Discuss    Share
The intrusive and extremely demanding behavior was seen almost immediately, as the addition Web Store page has filled up in the

Critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in Foxit PDF Reader - Latest Hacking News

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Security researchers (Steven Seeley (mr_me) and Ariele Caltabiano (kimiya)) have found two dangerous zero-day security vulnerabilities in Foxit Reader, the vulnerabilities are Command Injection and File Write bugs that can be triggered through the JavaScript API in Foxit PDF Reader.

Introducing Vectorflow – Netflix Technology Blog – Medium

logicfish News Software Computers Science neural network netflix https://goo.gl   1 Comment    Share
Vectorflow is a lightweight neural network library used at Netflix for sparse problems.

Machine Learning is Fun Part 8: How to Intentionally Trick Neural Networks

logicfish News Software Society Computers Science neural nets neural network artificial neural network https://goo.gl   Discuss    Share
This article is part of a series. Check out the full series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8! Almost as long as programmers have been writing computer programs…

Windows Repair Toolbox

logicfish Computers Software Security windows repair windows repair https://windows-repair-toolbox.com   Discuss    Share
(Almost) everything you need to repair Windows problems in one small handy tool.

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair Free

logicfish Computers Software Security tweaking windows repair windows repair http://www.tweaking.com   Discuss    Share
An all-in-one repair tool to help fix a large
majority of known Windows problems including registry errors and file
permissions as well as issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Windows
Firewall and more. Malware and installed programs can modify your default settings.
With Tweaking.com - Windows Repair you can restore Windows original settings.

Papers We Love - The join-calculus

logicfish Computers Software Science lambda calculus process https://www.youtube.com   Discuss    Share
Do semaphores and mutexes, distributed locks and clocks confound you? Does concurrency as an afterthought frustrate and bewilder you? In this paper, Fournet ...

TurboS3 Expire

logicfish Computers Software Business amazon s3 link amazon s3 create link s3 download link s3 create download link s3 link expiration amazon s3 expiring link http://logicfish.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Instantly Protect Your Amazon(tm) Links In Just A Few Clicks!

Viral Master List Builder

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Here's How You Can Build A Highly Profitable Optin Mailing List Automatically By Harnessing The Proven Power Of Viral List Building


logicfish Computers Software Security Science maidsafe encryption private network altcoin cryptocoin crypto currency https://maidsafe.net   1 Comment    Share
SAFE Network Alpha Release!
Create your first SAFE website, store private data, host websites and share public data!

[DOWNLOAD] JV Spawner - The Easy Way To Sell Your Product

logicfish News Software Business Computers jv software business small business home based business http://internethomebiz.co.uk   Discuss    Share
"Now You Can Take The Proven Strategy Used By Hundreds Of The Internet's Most Successful Software Companies

...And Combine It With The Power Of One Of The Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Solutions Ever Devised"


From 2017 Mozilla Stops Supporting Firefox for Windows XP, Vista

logicfish News Software Computers firefox windows xp vista https://latesthackingnews.com   Discuss    Share
Support for Windows XP and Vista will be removed from Firefox, currently the last major web browser out there to still support the two outdated operating sy

[FREE Download] The Easy Way To Build Keyword Lists

logicfish Computers Software Business keywords seo keywords seo easy keyword keyword lists http://internethomebiz.co.uk   Discuss    Share
Reduce Your PPC Costs By Generating Comprehensive Keyword Lists On Autopilot!

[FREE Download] Get Traffic To Your Website Through The Popular Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking Services

logicfish Computers Software Business web traffic traffic web design software free software free web design software http://internethomebiz.co.uk   Discuss    Share
An Easy Way To Get Traffic To Your Website Through The Popular Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking Services

BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 Ethical Hacking Distro Released With 100+ New Tools

logicfish News Software Computers Security blackarch linux linux blackarch iso hacking tools hacking tools https://fossbytes.com   Discuss    Share
BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 has just been released. The new ISO respins come with Linux kernel 4.8.13 and more than 100 new tools

Apertus - 0.3.11-beta

logicfish News Software Computers blockchains bitcoin blockchain http://apertus.io   Discuss    Share
Apertus 0.3.11-beta : Archive data on your favorite blockchains.

PowerShellArsenal - PowerShell For Reverse Engineering - Darknet

logicfish News Software Computers powershell reverse engineering http://www.darknet.org.uk   Discuss    Share
PowerShellArsenal is basically PowerShell for reverse engineering in a module format. The module can be used to disassemble managed/unmanaged code & more.
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