THOUSANDS of children are unwittingly making niche fetish videos for paedophiles, which are flying under the radar when they are posted on YouTube.
Sexual predators pretending to be other kids ask the youngsters to film certain scenes under the guise of completing “dares”, in the style of viral trends such as the mannequin and ice bucket challenges.

To scientists' delight, the incredible appendage from 99 million years ago is covered in feathers.

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The third episode of this critically-acclaimed documentary series follows the team of four detectives working fulltime on child abuse cases in the dedicated Safeguarding Investigation Unit at Luton Police Station. News spreads across the county about a suspected paedophile trying to abduct young children on their way home from school. Local press coverage has led to hundreds of calls from panicked parents to
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the police. With the culprit at large, cameras follow the Major Crime Unit as they lead the operation to arrest a third suspect following a nine-year-old girl’s statement and an e-fit description. After two previous suspects have been released without charge, have they now got the right man?


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#NoFaithInTrident https://nofaithintrident.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/events/104992539988293/

We are on trial at Reading Magistrates court from 14-16 December, charged with Aggravated Trespass. We took part in a nonviolent blockade of Burghfield nuclear weapons factory (just outside Reading) on 27th June 2016, on the No Faith In Trident day during a month of direct action to disrupt production of weapons of mass destruction.

We believe that nuclear w
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eapons are an outrage, and that civil disobedience can make them a thing of the past.
Jason Benger (aka Jake), Abertillery, was online grooming six children, aged 11 & 12. He was met by paedophile hunter #thehuntedone